Self Care: Holiday Hustle Style

by: Andrea Jones On my recent trip to Austin, TX for a 24-hour spree to see a dear friend get married, I found myself paying closer attention to the flight attendant. “In the event of an [...]

Cardio Junkie

by: Christy Wright Google “workout” or “fitness studio.” The results are enough to drive any well-intended person looking to get fit into a state of confusion. How do you balance the need for [...]

Alchemy Flows Hard

by: Susan Ray Growing up, we are taught over and over again to follow rules and to fit into templates. Rules and templates can be super useful, given the right scenario. They can be used to guide [...]

It’s Time to Hustle

photo by: Athena Pelton Holiday hustle, holiday bustle. Ah yes, the first snow has fallen (and melted). Air temps are dropping. The sun leaves us at 4:30PM before you can even give it a proper [...]

All the perks. All the fun.

You know what they say: life is too short to workout at a boring gym. Okay, so maybe not all of them say that. But we do, and that’s the start of the Alchemy difference. The perks go above [...]