Legends: “THE GRANT”

Meet Grant, our next Legend Athlete!

Whether you’re a long-time member or just recently joined, you may be familiar with our special, limit-pushing workouts popping up unexpectedly from time to time. These workouts are specifically designed to be intense and unforgettable. What makes them so? They embody the spirit of pursuing your own legend and revolve around what makes this place great: you. Brace yourself for The Legends.

Past Legends have included “The Harts” and “The Rachele.” These, and now “The Grant” are here to help you feel more alive than ever before, and highlight our incredible Athletes. 

Grant grew up in Minnesota, but started his Alchemy journey at Tennyson after moving to Denver in 2021. Nearing his 600th class, Grant’s consistency and drive is only getting stronger. Read on about his Alchemy experience and see his workout! 



1. When did you first start coming to Alchemy, and why did you decide to join? 

I moved to Denver in April of 2021 and moved close to the Tennyson studio the following year. My friend Shane up in Minneapolis had raved about Alchemy for years, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Took my first class with Coach Halli the next day and the rest is history!


2. What keeps you coming back to Alchemy? Why do you like training here? 

When it came to gyms/studios I was always cyclical. I would be into something or some place for a few months only to lose interest and fail to make it stick – until Alchemy. I’ve not only stayed committed, I feel more motivated than ever from a fitness perspective. Here’s why I love it: 

  • The coaching staff! They bring their unique personalities and training tips to each class. They’re all fun, encouraging, and show demonstrative effort and excitement towards their role in helping others. I’ve never had a bad experience. Some of them even play good music! 
  • The workouts! The variety of classes and well-programmed workouts always keeps things fresh. 
  • The willingness for the gym as a whole to keep innovating and offer new workouts/programs. For example, I’ve enjoyed trying out the running program and the addition of Open Gym has been fantastic. 
  • And the community is real. Going to class feels like more than just a workout. Alchemy is great about bringing a communal aspect to class, plus there are fun events to attend outside of the studio. Being fairly new to Denver when I joined, it has been a wonderful outlet for me to connect with people. I’ve made many good friends along the way and hopefully many more. 


3. How has Alchemy helped you towards any goals you have, whether fitness related or outside the studio?

I’ve seen big leaps in both strength/conditioning and I feel more confident overall. My functional strength has also improved tremendously. I am rarely sore after a long day of snowboarding, I can work on landscaping around my place without fear of ending up in the ER, my legs don’t immediately wave the white flag when I’m cycling, and most importantly I can hit a golf ball significantly farther (unfortunately it still goes sideways too often).


4. Do you have any future goals or aspirations you’re working toward?

Later this summer I’m looking to complete a long bike race in the mountains. I’ve been leaning heavily on Alchemy’s Open Gym, Barbell, and Strength classes to supplement the training. 

When it comes to Alchemy specific goals, I prefer the shorter, clearly attainable variety. I usually pick out a few Barbell exercises and set a max-out goal to strive for by the end of the cycle. Also, I like to look at my total classes attended and come up with a calendar date down the line and a deadline to hit class benchmarks at the 50 or 100 interval.


5. What recommendations you would give to someone who’s never tried Alchemy? 

Whether it’s for serious training, getting the heart rate going, or meeting people, you’d be hard pressed to find a more welcoming and rewarding place than Alchemy. There is something for everyone here!



Strength – Upper Body (24 Minutes)

Buy in: 20 2xTorp Devil’s Press

… then …

3 Supersets:

12-15 Push-ups (narrow -1st set, wide – 2nd set, regular – 3rd set)

12-15 2xTorp Curls 

… rest approximately 30-45 seconds between sets

2 Supersets:

12-16 2xTorp Alternating Strict Press 

Max Effort Strict Chin-ups

… rest approximately 30-45 seconds between sets

1 Set:

12-15 Staggered Stance OH Tricep Extension, immediately into:

Max Effort Halos (alternate directions every 5 reps)


* During the main portion of the workout, if athletes come back around, move to a single set of each section.


You can find Grant Pursuing his Legend at Alchemy Tennyson. Outside the studio, you can find him checking out various golf courses around the state, biking in both the city and the mountains, at the grocery store getting things he forgot he already has, or casually strolling up to an airport gate right before they close the doors.


Start your fitness journey now with Grant and our incredible community with a free 3-pack of classes. Learn more and follow along with Alchemy on Instagram and TikTok.

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