Legends: “THE RACHELE”

Meet Rachele, our next Legend Athlete!

Past Legends have included “The Api,” and “The Ben.” These, and now “The Rachele” are special, limit-pushing workouts designed to be intense and unforgettable; highlighting our incredible Athletes. 

Rachele started her Alchemy journey in September 2018. Since then she’s retired from teaching, settled in the North Loop with her husband, and has become a Barbell regular. She has more than 1,000 Alchemy classes under her belt along with countless PRs.

We have a special Barbell workout in store, but first, read on about her experience and how strength training is helping her live her very best life. 

1. When did you first start coming to Alchemy, and why did you decide to join? 

I joined Alchemy in September of 2018. I was looking to switch up my workout routine and was ready for a change. I used the 3 Free Alchemy Classes and have been a member ever since! 

When I first started, Alchemy was a huge challenge. I had never done weighted HIIT workouts before and could barely complete 4 ab-mat situps let alone push-ups. I modified a lot. And now? Toes-to-bar, pull-ups, hang power cleans and knee tucks were something I never thought I’d accomplish. I’ve never felt more confident to try new things, and I’m stronger than ever before. 


2. What keeps you coming back to Alchemy? Why do you like training here? 

The community of coaches and athletes at Alchemy is one of the main reasons I keep coming after all these years. I always want to show up and do my best. The coaches make sure my lifting form is on track to prevent injuries and the athletes I lift with in Barbell are so welcoming and encouraging – especially when trying to push through my last few reps! 

Barbell is my favorite workout. When it was added to the schedule at North Loop, I had just retired from teaching and was ready to mix things up!  At first, I didn’t add any weight to the barbell. The bar was my max weight, especially for the upper body lifts. Now, I’ve made so many new PRs! The Barbell Tracker is incredibly helpful to track my loading, so I can keep making progress. Seeing where I was from a year ago to today gives me so much confidence to keep going! And I’m even grabbing heavier torpedos now for Cardio classes.  


3. How has Alchemy helped you towards any goals you have, whether fitness related or outside the studio?

My overall goal is to continue my active lifestyle. Biking, hiking, waterskiing, snorkeling and traveling. I recently went to Alaska with my husband for hiking, sightseeing, and salmon and halibut fishing. We brought home 40 pounds of seafood! And thanks to Alchemy, I pulled up my share of fish and had the strength, stamina and stability for so many fun activities. We went to Katmai National Park in Alaska to hike and even saw Grizzly Bears (that was definitely no walk in the park!). Last year, we did a European Bike Boat tour and biked 7 days through Belgium and the Netherlands. All these activities have a common theme: strength, stamina and stability. Alchemy helps me stay fit in all areas and I can’t wait for the next adventure.


4. Do you have any future goals or aspirations you’re working toward?

My goal is to be able to pursue the activities I currently enjoy 10-15 years from now.  As we age, our muscle mass, bone density and stability decline and strength training is the best way to sustain physical fitness. It will also protect me from future injuries as I age. The more I build up these habits early on the better off I will be over the long term. It took me a while to figure out what PYL meant for me and now I know that my PYL is exactly what I’m doing and where I need to be!


5. What recommendations you would give to someone who’s never tried Alchemy? 

I would tell someone that Alchemy workouts are challenging and fun. All the different classes complement each other, so there’s something for any fitness level. I personally love Barbell and would recommend it to everyone. The movements in Barbell are very similar to what you will do in the large group classes with torpedoes. And the best part is the Alchemy coaches. They are there to offer suggestions, modifications and support. Never hesitate to ask for help!  




Warm up: 

3 rounds

  • 10 air squat
  • 8 wide walking mountain climbers
  • 6 torp hang power cleans


20 Minutes to complete 3×5: Back Squat

15 Minutes to complete: 3×5 Hang Power Clean


Accumulate 50 Strict Pull Ups during the core lifts


12 min AMRAP: 




Snatches (alt.)



You can find Rachele Pursuing her Legend in Alchemy North Loop. Outside the studio, you can find her spending time with her family and friends, trying out new recipes, out on the many Minneapolis bike trails, enjoying the North Loop neighborhood, and going on adventurous trips with her husband!


Start your fitness journey now with Rachele and our incredible community with a free 3-pack of classes. Learn more and follow along with Alchemy on Instagram and TikTok.

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