Legends: “THE API”

Api Ojulu first started coming to Alchemy in 2016 and over the next couple years, she would come off and on between breaks from Pharmacy school and residency. As a former college basketball player at Marquette University, she was no stranger to intense workouts and strength training. But it wasn’t until she tried Alchemy that she found a routine capable of filling up what college basketball left. 

Api keeps a consistent routine of classes, but Barbell is where she thrives! Read our conversation with Api and check out her Barbell Legends workout below:


When did you first start coming to Alchemy, and why did you decide to join?

Immediately after finishing collegiate basketball, I thought I was free of constant intense workouts. But over time, I felt like a part of me was missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was and how to fill the void. I was missing the sense of community, competition, and consistency. I had never been to a group fitness gym before, but after my first class at Alchemy, I quickly realized it had all the things I had been looking for and more. This place has made me feel complete again.


What keeps you coming back to Alchemy? Why have you chosen to train here? 

What I appreciate most about Alchemy is the sense of community it fosters. The coaches and athletes are always so encouraging, which has helped me become more confident and motivated in the gym than ever before. I also love the Alchemy training philosophy. Here you’re encouraged to develop yourself according to your own goals and by picking the class mix and intensity level each day. 


How has your time training with us helped you towards any goals you have, whether fitness related or otherwise?

My general fitness goals are to be consistent, stay strong, and keep my mental health in check. Showing up to the classes and having a supportive environment has allowed me to maintain and exceed these goals for myself!  


Do you have any future goals or aspirations you’re working toward? 

Future goal is to learn how to ski! Whether that’s cross country or downhill. One day! 



Barbell – Deadlifts

20 Minutes:

  • 1 set 20RM
  • 1 set 10RM
  • 1 set 5RM

*work up to each set, increasing weight each time. It may take an extra set or two to determine your best weight for each rep scheme, so break for a set and go for another! Have fun!


3 Rounds AFAP (6 minute cap):

  • 20 2xTorp Swing Snatch
  • 10 Burpee Box Jumps



You can find Api Pursuing her Legend at our Minnesota Studios in Highland Park, Edina and Northeast! Outside of the gym, she loves trying new coffee shops, traveling, hiking, reading, watching sports and – most definitely – watching Bravo reality shows. Api works as a pharmacist and manager of oncology operations for a health system in Minneapolis, MN. 



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