The Legends

First, it was “Legend’s Week”. Then, they became “Benchmarks”. Now, the growing tranche of classic workouts you know and love (and… hate a little), will take on a new naming convention, and a whole new meaning. 

To understand the change, let’s start by understanding the point of these workouts. 

We began introducing special, to-be-repeated workouts a couple years ago to give our athletes a method to measure their improvement over a given period of time. To state it a little more clearly, we programmed super tough workouts, then programmed them again roughly 90 days later as a retest. 

Our hope was that these workouts would become a central part of the Alchemy experience; that our athletes would excitedly share their results and look forward to (and… dread a little), the day that another one would come back up in the programming. 

To achieve this, these workouts  need to be designed and deployed in a memorable way, in a way that ties in directly with our company ethos: PURSUE YOUR LEGEND. 

Which begs the question – who, or what is the most legendary part of this thing called Alchemy 365? 

Of all the questions to answer – this is surely the easiest. 


You are the most legendary part of Alchemy 365. 

You, who just got your first pull-up. You, the one welcoming and talking kindly to the anxious first timer setting up their gear a few spots away. You, who sent us the most heartfelt and meaningful message of gratitude, reminding us that our work matters. You, who claims that Alchemy helped you make a hard decision, take on a new challenge or a big risk. You, who took a picture at the top of the mountain you just hiked wearing our logo. You, who has trained with us for the last 7 years. You, who supported us through the pandemic. Even you, who made your mark and moved on to another gym! 

Henceforth and forever more, the hardest workouts we program at Alchemy – the ones that simply have to be repeated, the ones that will show us that we’re really making progress, the most legendary workouts we do, will be named after the most legendary community members we have. 

Next week, on Monday, February 27th, introduce yourself to the ASHLEY. 

Named for one of our most incredible and legendary members, Ashley Houle, this trio of couplets includes three of her favorite movements – burpees, snatches, and swings.

Each couplet follows one of the most traditional (and… terrible) rep schemes we all know and love – 21, followed by 15, followed by 9. The Ashley is an instant classic, covers a lot of bases, and will be a great test for all of us to take on. 

It wasn’t easy picking our first legendary member, but Ashley Houle certainly represents the best of us. Persistent, consistent, and proof that hard work pays off, Ashley is a walking, talking, living, breathing example of PYL. 

Monday will be our first introduction, but she’ll make her way back around and into our programming from time to time, whenever a little extra is exactly what we need. 


Tyler Quinn 


Check out some of our Legends: The Ashley, and The Kory


Track your progress for each of The Legends here. If you’re new to Alchemy 365, your first 3 classes are free! Click here for details. 

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