Here, You’re An Athlete.

Our workouts are designed for all skill levels. Each burpee, box jump, squat, or other exercise performed is improving your athletic ability; making all of our members athletes. You might say it’s semantics, but we don’t think so. Many have never been called athletes until the day they walked through our doors. They’ve never seen themselves as athletes. They’ve never felt like athletes. But to us, that’s exactly what you are. 

Many of you were once athletes for a team, a school or club. Performing your sport at the highest levels every day, through training, competitions and more. Now you look back, thinking you are no longer that athlete you once were. But to us, that’s decidedly false.

You’re an athlete because you’re with us to improve your athletic capacity and proficiency. You show up, and perform at a high-level for yourself, and the community around you. That might mean something as big as getting a first pull-up, or something smaller, like feeling better when carrying your grocery bags in the house. The athleticism required to make the winning play, or outrun your opponent in the final stretch, is undeniably as athletic as the ability to play with your kids, nieces or nephews, for years and years to come.

The point is, the title matters, and we think it will impact not only the way you will experience Alchemy, but the way you’ll experience yourself every day. You’ll grow into that title, own that title, embrace that title and hopefully, use that title as a launch point to feeling more alive than ever before. 



Ready to embrace the Athlete inside of you? Your first class is free at any of our studios in Minnesota and Colorado. Click here for details. Get to know our community of Athletes by following us on Instagram.

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