Legends: “THE KORY”

If you’ve been with us for years, or a few months, you know we like to introduce special, to-be-repeated workouts for Athletes to test their limits like never before. You won’t know when, but these workouts will show up from time to time as part of your training experience at Alchemy. These workouts are designed to be next-level and memorable – you’ll look forward to them, and maybe even dread them a little. They embody what it means to Pursue Your Legend. And they are all about you. These are The Legends.

We first introduced The Legends earlier this year with “The Ashley” – a classic Alchemy rep scheme with movements to personify her extraordinary persistence in pursuit of her goals. You can read more about “The Ashley” here.       

Our next Legend is Kory Hubers. His story embodies the challenges many Athletes face when beginning their fitness journey. You’re vulnerable, you’re anxious, you’re scared. We’ve all been there. Deciding to start is one thing, but then showing up and sticking with it, is a whole new level of dedication. And Kory, well he not only pushed past the fear of the start one time, but after getting off track, he did it again. 

Read below for Kory’s Alchemy story, and get ready for his  workout, “The Kory,” to debut on Friday, April 21.


My first Alchemy class was October 2, 2017. The idea of working out in front of other people was truly terrifying to me. I was the type of person to leave the gym if I saw other people. I have always battled with self-conscious feelings about my physical health and appearance; this was the first time I took a step to improve and allow myself to be vulnerable in a new setting.

After my first class, I was hooked. A solid group of fellow athletes kept me accountable and I met some amazing coaches early on who pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and fully embrace this journey.  

I stepped away from Alchemy for about 15 months during a move across the globe and the pandemic. Without sounding too dramatic, I completely neglected my physical health. I found myself in worse shape than ever before and knew I needed to get back into a routine.

As nervous as I was for my first class in 2017, nothing could have prepared me for the physical and mental challenges of stepping back in after months of neglecting my health. It was a battle. I knew what I was capable of, but was frustrated. I wasn’t seeing results as quickly as before. I wanted to quit numerous times. But the coaches at Alchemy did an amazing job keeping me accountable and most importantly, keeping my expectations and attitude positive. I never would have stuck it out without the coaches and Alchemy community cheering me on, one class at a time. The friendships and community kept me going. 

 Making sure I carve out time in my schedule for a workout is a complete game changer. When I prioritize a 50-minute Alchemy class during my day, everything else seems to fall into place.

Everyone is on their own fitness journey but no matter where you are or where you want to be, the Alchemy community is there to help you achieve your goals. The joy this community shares when an Athlete crushes their 100th class or does their first unbanded pull-up, is second to none. 


The KORY: 

Circuit (25 Minutes):

5 Cycles, 5 minutes each

(1) 2x Torp Deadlifts

(2) Box Jumps

(3) Leave it there sit-ups

(4) Power Curl and Press

(5) Tabata Burpees

*Last minute, no Tabata, just straight through on the burpees

Track your progress for The Kory here


You can find Kory pursuing his legend at Alchemy Edina or Northeast! He’s a corporate attorney and you’ll usually find him at the Minnehaha dog park with his two rescue dogs, Louie and Lenny Ideally, with their best Alchemy dog friends Olive and Roon. He is an avid fisherman, a below average golfer and will always have a song recommendation for any playlist.”

Start your fitness journey now with Kory and the best community of athletes with your first class free. Learn more and follow along with Alchemy on Instagram and TikTok.

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