Let’s get outside!

By Tyler Quinn

At Alchemy, we lift weights. When we want to get a hit of cardio, we do our burpees. Sometimes, when we’re feeling really crazy, we lift weights faster and do burpees too. And we’ve proven that this type of combination can deliver some of the most intense, lung burning cardio that effort can buy. 

I’ll go to the end of my days pushing the idea that using resistance training, gymnastics and plyometrics to generate cardio will provide better long term health benefits than traditional cardiovascular conditioning ever could on its own. 

But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in biking, rowing, swimming, or running. 

I just think that these modalities should play a specific and limited role in the training programs of athletes looking to develop functional, useful, and transferable fitness. They should be deployed from time to time, and in conjunction with the kind of functional cross training we do every day in our studios. 

And what better time to roll some of that traditional cardio into your Alchemy routine than summer, when the weather finally changes and the opportunity to play outside presents itself once again. 

Back by popular demand, ARun is making its seasonal return, with a program perfectly designed for the Alchemy athlete who loves their weight training, but wants to get some miles in too. 

This 30-day program will incorporate two days of running per week alongside some classic studio workouts designed to offer a new challenge and a chance to bust through any training plateaus you might be experiencing. The days will break down into two distinct training formats. Day one will be entirely outdoors, include a plyometric based warm-up and skew toward shorter runs at faster paces. Day two will intermix some in-studio resistance training with slightly longer runs at more moderate paces. 

Studies have shown that 95% of people over 30 years old will never sprint again. We think this is unacceptable. High speed locomotion is critical for retaining athleticism, elasticity, and total performance. While running distances will never exceed 2.5 miles in a single session, ARun will intermix steady pacing with sprinting throughout the session. 

Not a runner but interested in doing some running? We’ve got you covered? 

Experienced runner looking for a tribe to run with? We’ve got you covered? 

Decent runner that just doesn’t like running and needs a way to make it fun? We’ve got you covered. 

No matter your experience level, if you’re an Alchemy athlete who wants to dial it up this summer, we’ve got you covered. 

Sessions are limited to only 20 members, so sign up now! Click HERE to learn more and save your spot.


Tyler Quinn is CEO and Co-Founder of Alchemy 365. In his spare time he enjoys gardening, being outside with his golden retriever Fletcher, and jiu-jitsu. 

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