Open Gym: 2x Torpedo Work

Let’s add some weight! Here’s 3 of our favorite workouts you can crush during open gym that use two Torpedos:


Workout 1 

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes:

7 Push-Ups
14 2x Torpedo Swing Snatch
21 2x Torpedo Deadlifts
28 Crossover Narrow Mountain Climbers

Every two rounds, complete:
30 Abmat Sit-Ups


Workout 2

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes:

21 2x Torpedo Deadlifts
18 OH Lunges
15 Abmat Sit-Ups
12 2x Torpedo Push Press
9 Burpees


Workout 3

7 minutes:
Ever Minute On the Minute:
7 2x Torpedo Thrusters

13 minutes:
5 2x Torpedo Push Press
10 Swings
15 Abmat Sit-Ups
20 Mountain Climbers



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