Legends: “THE YELENA”

Our next Legend is here: The Yelena.

Past Legends have included The Kory,” and “The Ryan.” These, and now “The Yelena” are special, limit-pushing workouts designed to be intense and unforgettable; highlighting our incredible Athletes. 

Yelena joined Alchemy in 2019 and is on the brink of hitting 700 classes. A former runner, she became re-energized with fitness through our strength and cardio focused workouts, and found new motivation from our incredible community. She soon started accomplishing feats she once considered unattainable, fostering new habits, and nurturing a newfound self-confidence. 

Read about her experience and see her workout below!



Since I was a young girl in PE class I loved running, and it was my main source of training for ages. This changed after my second marathon when I developed an aversion for running. I went on a pursuit to find something new. I visited every gym I could find in the Twin Cities, finally finding Alchemy 365 in North Loop. Needless to say, Alchemy 365 was much different than my typical 30 minute run 4-5x/week. I was hooked by the variety of the workouts andthe focus on strength and cardio while also incorporating flexibility. The motivation I received through the community and coaches during my first few workouts was intoxicating, and I became a member in 2019. 

Until joining, I never knew I could accomplish so much. After one year, I did my first pull up, jumped a height I never imagined, and started lifting heavier and heavier under the barbell. After my second year, I recognized how all the work I did in the studio helped me feel capable of doing more in my daily life. I have the confidence to push myself further than ever before, have developed solid habits, have met new goals, and am trying new things as I become more comfortable overcoming the anxiety of failing.

I recently traveled to Switzerland and hiked the Hardergrat Trail which is a challenging ridge hike overlooking Lake Brienz  totaling 24 km with 3000 meters of elevation. This was the most difficult and beautiful hike I have ever completed. I can confidently say that I would not have had the strength and endurance to do it if  not for the consistent work I’ve put in at Alchemy. I also completed the Mürren via Ferrata. You are attached by a cable clinging to a cliff roughly 600 meters off of the ground. Metal rungs help guide you across the rock. If you slip, you will be suspended by the cable and must pull yourself back up to the metal rung to continue the climb. Before I started at Alchemy I would have NEVER been able to pull myself up to reach the metal rung. I would have been left dangling there until help arrived. This thought is terrifying to me even now, but I knew I had the strength to pull myself up and therefore had the confidence to go for it. I completed the hike and got to see the most stunning views of Gimmelwald in Switzerland along the way.

I work in healthcare and the mindset Alchemy helped me develop has transitioned into my medical practice. I work with my patients to meet their goals of care which often includes an exercise regimen, nutrition and stress management. When appropriate, I share how my experience with exercise changed to help inspire my patients to attain a routine that makes them feel their best, feel empowered to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and achieve their goals.

And I’m excited to keep working towards my own goals! I’m working towards completing 5 consecutive strict pull ups and a 48 inch box jump! I am also looking forward to embarking on the 3 day trek to the top of Machu Picchu next winter. 



Strength – Lower Body (23 minutes): 
2 Rounds:
8-10 Tempo 2xTorp Front Squats (22X1)
1x Max Effort 2xTorp Hang Power Cleans (HEAVY)
… then …
50 2xTorp Box Step Ups
* Each time the weights are put down, 10 Burpee Box Jumps before resuming
… then …
Squat Jumps
Jumping Lunges

On cycle 2: 1 Round of the Front Squat/HPC combo, and 15-12-9 on the squat jump/jumping lunge couplet



Start your fitness journey now with Yelena and our incredible community with a free 3-pack of classes. Learn more and follow along with Alchemy on Instagram and TikTok.

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