Wednesday – 031319

5 Rounds:
30 Seconds: Squat Throws
30 Seconds: Shoot Throughs
30 Seconds: Push-Ups
30 Seconds: Jump and Touch

Maxness Minute = Push-Ups

4 Rounds:

45 Seconds: Squat Throws
15 Seconds: Rest
45 Seconds: Shoot Throughs
15 Seconds: Rest
45 Seconds: Push-Ups
15 Seconds: Rest
45 Seconds: Quarter Burpees
15 Seconds: Rest
1 Minute Plank

Maxness Minute = Push-Ups

Cardio junkies rejoice – today’s workout has got plyometrics written all over it. Come ready for a steady burn, and aim to push the pace as much as possible, as long as possible.


Push Press 5 x 5
Glute Bridges 5 x 20


Snatches (alt. arms)

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