Thursday – 031419

3 Burpees
14 Swings
3 Burpees
14 Push Press
3 Burpees
14 Pull-Ups

Maxness Minute = Pull-Ups

31 Swings
4 Burpees
15 Pull-Ups
9 Burpees
26 Push Press
5 Burpees
35 High Knees
9 Burpees

Maxness Minute = Pull-Ups

Happy pi day! Burpees serve as your intensity spike, while everything else is a bit more steady as she goes; being able to control intensity is just as important as being able to maximize it!


Bent Over Row 5 x 9
Unloaded Bulgarian Split Lunges 5 x 20 (each leg)


Abmat Sit-Ups

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