A101: Behind The Scenes with TQ

by: Tyler Quinn
photo by: Laura Rae Photography

Every single time I finish the A101 Seminar, I am reminded why it is my favorite part of Alchemy 365’s entire business.

We end every 101 the same way, with a round table discussion about fitness, Alchemy 365, coaching, nutrition and any other information covered over the immersive weekend. The conversation usually starts on a technical tone – more detail on squat mechanics, further explanation of our programming philosophy etc. – but usually gives way after a few minutes to the good stuff. This is when A101 participants often unintentionally or uncharacteristically start to share what their fitness journey has meant for them. Each time, I am humbled by the stories, and grateful for the opportunity to do what I do with the people I do it with.

The 101 is special because it brings very different people together under one common banner – the banner of health, wellness, mindfulness, improvement, courage and a desire to learn about living the best life possible.

Our A101 seminar is a two day (8AM-3PM), deep dive into fitness, nutrition and all things Alchemy 365. The weekend is part lecture, part Q&A, part practical application and hands on coaching, and of course part workout. We get the chance to dive in on subject matter that most people never consider, or, perhaps, scratch the surface of from time to time in class. The 101 is different because it’s all about taking that extra time, and splitting those hairs to truly improve knowledge and drive a deeper understanding of the human body, training performance, and pursuing one’s personal legend outside of the gym.

I often tell people that every Alchemy 365 athlete has a shelf life – that nobody stays in our community forever. Each athlete will find us at the right time, and though strange to say, leave us at the right time. And what I tell 101 participants is that regardless of where one is doing their training, the information we cover in the seminar is applicable. We cover concepts, large and small, that can be taken outside of the Alchemy 365 studio and applied to exercise and lifestyles far and wide. That’s the magic of the A101: we’re not presenting silver bullets, we’re packaging and bringing to life the tried and true information that help hard working athletes grow and improve in perpetuity.

We’ve had a lot of our athletes go through the seminar. Some of them wish to coach at Alchemy 365, some of them have never even taken a class before, but all of them walk away having accomplished three things: they’re going to be better movers because of the time we take to break down the basic and complicated movements alike, they’re going to be more knowledgeable about health and wellness because of the time we take to cover conceptual and data driven science about physics, anatomy, nutrition, mental health and everything in between, and they’re going to walk away as ambassadors to the Alchemy 365 brand, because spending a weekend with our coaches and being inundated with their love for all things Alchemy 365 is infectious and inspiring even to the most skeptical among us.

The A101 is an incredibly special part of what we do at Alchemy 365. You should sign up. You won’t regret it. And if you’re on the fence, talk to any coach or front desk staff about it. Better yet, talk to any A101 participant from a previous class. I’m confident you’ll be convinced.

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Look up “legend” in the dictionary + you’ll see Tyler Quinn. He’s an Alchemy 365 Co-Founder, Chief Talent Officer + Coach with 15 years of experience under his belt. In his spare time he enjoys reading, gun-slinging, jiu-jitsu, and playing with his Golden Retriever, Fletcher.

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