Fitness Seminars

Alchemy 365 is proud to offer two unique fitness seminars designed to let enthusiastic Alchemists peek behind the curtain and learn about our business. Our robust seminar schedule is full of different opportunities to participate so there will always be a chance to plug in with Alchemy 365.


If you love Alchemy 365 and want to get the most out of your training time, this seminar is for you. The A101 is a two-day, deep dive into all things Alchemy 365. Learn about our programming model in depth – get challenged during a series of practical training sessions where coaches will lead your small group through detailed movement breakdowns.

You’ll walk away from the A101 with three defined outcomes that enhance the incredible qualities that make our community special:

  1. You’ll know more and move better than when you started
  2. You’ll be extremely motivated about your training
  3. You’ll be an ambassador for our program

The A101 is also the first stop in our hiring pipeline, so for those of you interested in fitness careers and joining the A-Team, be sure to get enrolled soon.

Upcoming Sessions

Twin Cities

July 13-14, 2019
October 5-6, 2019
December 7-8, 2019


August 10-11, 2019


Interested in employment at Alchemy 365? Good. Because we’re always interviewing and always seeking top talent to add depth and quality to our staff. The Master’s seminar is an immersive, 2-day coaching course that builds off of A101 and takes candidates behind the scenes of our business model. The goal of the seminar is to determine who might have the right skill set, knowledge and personality to join our growing team. Through a series of exercises and practice coaching opportunities, employee candidates are vetted and prepared for their coaching audition. The Master’s seminar is a mandatory step in our employment process and is invite only. Invitations are extended to individuals after completion of our A101 Seminar.