Sneak Peek: What’s inside Molly’s Challenge-ready fridge?

With the Fresh Start Challenge coming up, Alchemy goes Q + A style with co-founder Molly Hanten to learn what’s in her fridge for some fresh ideas – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to snoop in someone else’s fridge?


Alchemy: Before we unlock the mysteries behind the refrigerator door, tell us Molly – why are doing the Challenge this round? What does #AlchemyAllIn mean to you?

Molly: Alchemy all in means getting focused on feeling my best, throwing excuses away (we’ve all got plenty and they are usually a joke) and dedicating a month to my health and wellbeing. It doesn’t only change you physically but emotionally. I’m doing the challenge because I always learn something new and with wedding season and State Fair coming to a close, I’ve had my share of cocktails and fried food!

Molly's 365 Challenge Ready Fridge

Alchemy: Okay, we’re seeing some interesting stuff on the top two shelves here. Sauerkraut and it looks like some dairy free milks?

Molly: Yes! I LOVE various dairy free options for milk. Here I have a vanilla cashew and a coconut almond blend, both are unsweetened. I add them to my coffee in the morning and to smoothies.

Other faves that get me through the challenge:
– Eggs
– Turmeric Sauerkraut I found at Whole Foods: I add it to eggs and meats
– Cilantro: lots of herbs and spices to add flavor
– Coconut aminos: a soy sauce replacement made from coconuts
– Fruits like black berries and mangos, those are my favorites
– Homemade pickles for tuna salad
– Grass-fed ground beef…taco night!
– Roasted veggies: brussels, cauliflower and sweet potatoes or squash – I make these every Sunday night
– Avocados
– Tahini dip: a great replacement for hummus fans
– Fresh pico:  throw it on eggs, salads, taco salads
– La Croix!!!! Coconut is the best flavor and I am an addict

No "Cheese" drawer

Alchemy: Moving down into the cheese drawer…no cheese?!

Molly: You’re correct, no cheese or dairy on the Challenge. Trust me, it’s not that bad once you get going and if you have any skin issues, bloating or digestive issues and have not ever cut dairy…get ready to be awakened! I am mostly dairy free off the Challenge but will indulge here and there (I mean, I was born in Wisconsin). When it comes to the challenge you’ll find:
– Smoked Salmon
– Clean Turkey from the butcher
– Clean Sausages with no added junk
– Cassava Coconut Flour Tortillas (I only eat these on occasion, as not to replace with real food)

Veggie Drawer

Alchemy: Yum, we’re hungry now. Let’s move on down… your veggie drawer looks damn full!

Molly: So yes, we eat good clean meats and seafood on the Challenge as well as delicious fats like avocados and nuts however, we really focus on veggies. Eat as many as you like and get creative. Vegetables should be the bulk of your plate. We cut grains out completely, which many people consume for the majority of their calories in the U.S. so it takes some new recipes in the kitchen to re-learn what a plate should look like.

I make cauliflower rice, grilled peppers, a huge kale salad, arugula added to everything and like I said, a huge veggie roast every week. There’s also a few cucumbers – I’m on a lemon/cucumber water kick. Once you land on a few faves, it carries you through the Challenge.

Slack for iOS Upload-4.png

Alchemy: And last but not least, condiments?! Please tell us you can have them?

Molly: Oh yes, check out my shelf!
– All of the nut butters, minus peanut since it’s actually a legume
– Tahini for curry type dishes
– Fish Oil: I take a spoonful a day and you should too!
– Mustard, on everything
– All the hot sauces without crap in them. This is not even all of them. I am a hot sauce freak.

Alchemy: This all looks awesome. You’re so ready to rock this Challenge.

Molly: I am pretty ready! There may be a bottle of wine and some ice cream I have to throw out that didn’t make it into the picture. I do every round of the Challenge and it’s always an awesome reset for me physically and mentally! I love food, good restaurants and hell, the State Fair but I love real, clean food mostly. The challenge comes back often so that we can remind ourselves how to live a clean eating lifestyle 80 percent of the time and indulge without going overboard.

Four weeks of GOOD clean food, killer workouts … and I am here to help you.


Questions on anything Challenge related? Shoot an email to the master herself at Otherwise, use your coaches and the amazing 365 community around you! One team, one dream. Let’s go, squad.

Molly Hanten is a Founder and Coach at Alchemy, a big time foodie and State Fair kid for life. In her spare time, you can find her walking her dog Summit throughout Minneapolis.

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