A101, as told by Steven Priolo

by: Steven Priolo
photo by: Athena Pelton

Let’s just say growing up I was never interested in sports, running, or anything to do with movement.

And then at age 17 I discovered the benefits of nutrition. I learned the basics: why a multivitamin is essential, why protein is beneficial after a workout, why fat is actually a good thing! I was Curious George when it came to nourishment. I lost 35lbs, and this was the pivotal moment in my life where my confidence was finally existent and I felt “good” about myself. Through this accomplishment I discovered my passion for helping others find nutrition habits that change their life. Losing those pounds turned into a global nutrition business – my passion and purpose.

After I lost the extra pounds I still felt that there was room for improvement: fitness. I had various gym memberships where I would go to the gym, scroll on my phone, do a few reps of something I thought was a good movement, and then I’d leave. I started doing yoga which emphasized how movement and flexibility came natural to me, so they said! I was intrigued yet extremely out of shape still. After trying a few gyms I started to notice Alchemy on Facebook, and it drew me in. But something was holding me back – would I make a fool out of myself? Would I not know how to lift? Would people laugh at me? What! I got over myself after Molly ever so genuinely invited me to try a free week. This is where it all began.

Each day was a different workout, each workout was set up a little differently, each movement challenged me. I found a few select movements that I felt comfortable and confident with. The coaches each had their way of pushing me into my potential – for example, Brock would give me a heavier weight (I thank him now) and each coach was more than willing to answer questions to help me refine my workout. Alchemy became my daily challenge that pushed me closer and closer to my goals.

And then I was asked to attend A101. I said no 4 times. And finally I committed. I went in thinking I would use this as an opportunity to potentially work at Alchemy, but so much more came from it. 

The Core Values
Hearing how Alchemy came to be and hearing the vision of the future was one of my favorite takeaways from the weekend. I left with a burning passion to pursue my legend in all areas of my life. I remember realizing how small I was playing at that time in my business – I had the knowledge but I wasn’t taking action. A101 inspired me to refine my craft – I started and continue to hit business milestones I had only dreamed of.

The Community
It felt like the band camp trip I never went on. The whole crew together in a room making jokes, telling stories, creating new friendships. Some of the coolest connections and relationships came from that weekend. As an introverted extrovert, the camaraderie was one of my most was one of my most favorite aspects of A101.

Personal Refinement
A great mentor once told me: never take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with. Well, who wouldn’t want to move and workout like the entire Alchemy Team? The information is all there. It’s up to you to take it all in. The movements, the intensity, the strategy. You learn the “why” behind the concept of Alchemy. You’re already great, and Alchemy helps you improve on that.

If you’re scared, that was me. If you’re intimidated, that was me. If you’re looking for more, that was me. Today I can see the direct impact that A101 has had in my life since attending. What is fun to see is others who took something completely different from it, but equally as impactful to them. I was never an athlete, and now I’m doing things I never thought I could do. In short: commit to A101, it’s your time to pursue your legend.

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