365 Challenge Life Hacks

365 Challenge Life Hacks
by: Cori Jordan

The 365 Challenge is a great way to take inventory and clean up your “life house.” Committing to four weeks of clean living is taking a mindful and deliberate approach to self-care. As an athlete, mother of two, general surgeon, trauma surgeon, and yoga instructor, I lead a relatively healthy, yet very busy, life. At times, I get pulled in many directions and inevitably find myself being fueled by sugar and caffeine, or have to remind myself that protein bars are not a food group.

The 365 Challenge had a steep learning curve the first week. Meal prep was clutch and there were so many more dishes to do… By the second week I had found my stride. The results were almost immediately tangible. My body felt stronger, joints moved more freely, and mentally I felt clear and sharp. 

(My husband would tell you I was emotionally labile the first week from the sugar detox, but I was much more pleasant as the Challenge went on…)

I enjoyed the new lifestyle and continued beyond the end date. I have strayed a bit this summer, and am looking forward to getting back into it.

Hacks I’ve learned:

– Meal prep is clutch.
– Must have a complex carb within 30 min of my workout otherwise I have no reserve for the next day’s workout. The key is glucagon stores need to be replaced. This meal plan is low in sugar so there won’t be anything for the muscles to tap into without replacing the glucagon storage. 1/2 banana, Rx bar, or 1/2 roasted sweet potato is sufficient.
– Mason jar salads are my staple.
– Stasher bags filled with chopped veggies and fruit should always be on hand. They are made of silicone and won’t leach chemicals into your food. They will keep half an avocado green for three days, and apple slices won’t brown for almost two days. You can get them on Amazon!
– Olives are a great snack if you are craving chips or crackers.
– Nutritional yeast should go on anything in place of cheese.
– SFH chocolate can be used for a sweet craving.
– Sweet potatoes and nut butter are a great dessert
– Vegetarians may struggle to find enough protein. I ended up increasing my seafood intake and felt much better.

It’s easy to feel like you might live too hectic of a life to be successful with the 365 Challenge. But we promise, you can do it. Alchemy Superstar, surgeon, and mom of two Cori shares her tips and tricks to crushing the 365 Challenge.

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