From Athlete to Coach

By Janie Darone

Countless members have come through our doors looking for a place to workout, then end up jumping into an opportunity they never dreamed of: coaching those very same workouts for hundreds of Athletes.

Some of your favorite coaches started as members. We talked with Coach Janie in Denver about her experience going from new Alchemy athlete, to coaching packed rooms.


When did you first start coming to Alchemy as an Athlete? What made you want to become a member of the community? 

In July 2018, I traveled to Minneapolis for a friend’s wedding, and I showed up with the other wedding guests for a private Alchemy class, having no idea what to expect. I mainly remember how incredibly sore my muscles were at the airport two days later. A year later, my partner and I moved to the LoHi neighborhood. I saw a sign outside for a free class, signed up online, and took my first workout! People were cheering each other on, and the vibes were so high. I nearly died, and I was hooked. 


What kept you coming back to Alchemy? How has Alchemy helped you in your fitness journey?

Alchemy helped me feel successful. The coaches offered me everything that I needed: modifications for movements, expert advice on how to tackle a workout, and encouragement every time I stepped in the studio. I used to dread those three little letters,”T-T-B” and now (hundreds of classes later) I hop right on the bar and start. Do my toes touch the bar? Not yet. But, that doesn’t bother me, because I know I’m another step along in my fitness journey each time I show up. Beyond fitness, Alchemy has helped me find community, friendship, and support in a new city. I’m incredibly grateful for that.


What made you decide you wanted to become an Alchemy coach? 

After a couple years as a member, I knew I wanted to become more involved. During the pandemic, I got involved with Alchemy Anywhere. I showed up at community events, outdoor workouts, happy hours, you name it.  I was interested in coaching, but struggling with major imposter syndrome. Who would take coaching advice from me? Who did I think I was? After some encouragement from current team members, I decided to put myself out there and apply for the coaching seminar. I was sick to my stomach with nerves. I studied really hard, and practiced my audition so many times. The A-Team supported me every step of the way, and it happened! I started coaching in August; the realization of a huge goal for me. 


How has coaching influenced your Alchemy experience? 

I’ve learned coaching is not easy. There’s so much work that goes into each class! From movement progressions, preparing to meet new Athletes, planning a playlist, and bringing the energy we crave when we enter the studio, it’s an undertaking! I still get nervous sometimes, but then the athletes start coming in, and I truly have so much fun. I’m now focused on what made me love Alchemy, by showing Athletes how to be successful, and chase those gains.


You can find Janie coaching and pursuing her legend at all of our Colorado studios. Outside Alchemy, she teaches elementary school music, and enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, and singing with the Colorado Symphony Chorus. 


Are you ready to help others reach their goals and feel alive? Join us at our free Coaches Training Seminars next month in Minnesota and Colorado. Details here.

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