Member Spotlight: Tennyson

When we closed our Tennyson Street studio in Denver, CO last November, we had no idea what the future would hold. The pandemic was in full swing, and as a small business we were making tough decisions to survive.

Fast forward to today, April 2021, and we’re doing something we didn’t know would be possible thanks to this kick-ass community; Tennyson is back!  

This community includes Kelby P., one of our newest Tennyson members. She lives a few blocks away from the studio and looks forward to getting a run in on the way to class. Not to mention, she has big goals for 2021: to get that unassisted pull-up. Read more about why Kelby is choosing to pursue her legend with us at Tennyson:

“I joined Alchemy to workout and be a part of a community of like-minded individuals. A few of my friends had been going to Alchemy for some time and they had been bugging me to try out a class.

I had no idea how much I was going to like the workouts. I love that I can get a proper warm up, a killer workout, and a meaningful cool down, all done in less than an hour. The Alchemy workouts aligned with the type of workouts I was already doing on my own, however, working out with your friends and in a group setting is so much more motivating. All the instructors are amazing and they make you feel so welcome.  I’m so glad to be a member of the Alchemy family!  I work for UCHealth as an operating room nurse. Outside of work and the gym I enjoy back country skiing, hiking with my three dogs, planting flowers and traveling with my husband! “

Want to join Kelby and the rest of this community? Are you ready to push yourself and feel alive? Click here to learn more about Alchemy 365 Tennyson in Denver — and remember, your first class is always free.

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