PYL Series: Coach Hali

What Happens When You Ask Yourself: "Why Not?"

I will never forget the night my husband, Michael and I decided to move to Denver. It was September 2019, we were out to eat for pizza – chatting about life, events of the year thus far, plans for the future. It eventually turned into a WHY NOT conversation. 

This is what I mean:

Rewind back to 2018 when Alchemy 365 was first planning to open in Denver. I was ecstatic. Ever since being hired, I had always wanted to help launch another Alchemy studio. I wanted a new experience and craved a new adventure in life. 

I have always idolized my grandparents and parent’s stories about different stages in their lives. “Remember when we owned that A&W?” “Remember when we moved to Louisiana?” “Remember those years we traveled and raced horses?” They made these different life stages seem so exotic but yet very casual. I want to create stories of my own to share with my kids and grandkids later in life. 

This became a theme for Michael and I. Always looking for new positions at work that might take us somewhere new. We still needed a reason to make that type of jump and leave everything we knew and are comfortable with. It’s like my brain needed to rationalize it that way – a reason to go. (Or maybe, at the time, I  thought that’s the only way it was socially acceptable.) 

So, I took a deep breath, and applied to help launch Alchemy LoHi.  

But I didn’t get the job. I didn’t get asked to move to Denver.  Instead, I was asked to take a step up at my current studio at the time (hello my beautiful NE fam!) and run Alchemy Northeast in Minneapolis as its General Manager. 

Needless to say I was devastated. At first. Because sure enough it ended up being exactly what I needed and where I needed to be at the time. 

You see, we lost my brother-in-law (Michaels younger brother) very unexpectedly in February 2019. I cannot imagine having been anywhere else when it happened. We needed to be with family and we needed to be home. 

But that itch for a new adventure remained. We were grateful to be home with family during that time but it also put into perspective our longing to have a new adventure and create something special together. When you never know when your time will come – you have to make the most of the time you have. 

So this brings me back to the top, to our conversation over pizza that night in September 2019. Seriously, WHY NOT? We’ve always wanted to move somewhere and we love Denver – why not just go for it? 

And if things don’t work out? OK. At least we tried and we’re not living with WHAT IFs in the back of our brains.

And here we are today. We made the decision and made the move. Granted – a few things were up in the air. I truly didn’t know what my life would look like out here. Initially, I planned to just coach part-time at Alchemy LoHi while I figured things out. But low and behold – Alchemy Tennyson was gearing up to launch and I asked if I could stay with the company and help open that location. And the timing was perfect.

Here we are, 2021 and what excites me about Alchemy Tennyson re-opening? Not only is it the reason I get to do what I love every day, but I cannot wait to see what this community achieves. After the year we’ve had, the adversity we have overcome, the opportunities for our members to grow and PYL feels truly limitless.  

All and all, what I am trying to say here crew is simply live your life. And live your life for you. Live your life with joy, with love, with adventure, and with compassion. If there is one thing I have learned over the last few years is that you just never know what the day will bring — you may just get the adventure you’ve always wanted.


Hali Weiss is a Coach and the General Manager at Alchemy 365 Tennyson, re-opening on May 1, 2021. In her free time she enjoys, hiking with her husband Michael and dog Dante and soaking up the CO sun!

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