The Story of Final Resting Pose

written by: Paul Begich, Alchemy 365 North Loop Ambassador
photo by: Jenna Dailey


Something that wakes me up every single morning are those two minutes of undivided attention…

Picture this…

Alarm goes off bright and early like – WAY TOO EARLY! Honestly, at this point the birds are still probably sleeping or whatever the heck birds do (they sleep right…?!). Waking up at the crack of dawn continues to be a daily struggle and something I constantly fight. The coffee was pre-prepped from the night before so at least guzzling a cup (or four) should help. Slip on the workout gear – socks are always the hardest, and falling over as the left foot tries to cram itself in is almost inevitable.

Alright, now the trek to the gym. “Oh shit! I forgot a belt didn’t I?! Oh my gosh, day ruined! Wait, I’ve got a back up at the office. Awesome! Back on track!”

Walk in to Alchemy 365 North Loop. Check in. Grab a towel. Fill up the water bottle. Inconspicuously find a spot somewhere towards the back – never the front! Buddy walks in, high five, “Good seeing you at Freehouse last night!”

Class starts. The mind quiets and everything else fades away. 3…2…1… GO! The A20 kicks off. The music blares. It’s Pure Water by Mustard and Migos. LOVE THAT JAM! The next twenty minutes are a sweat-filled mess of 100% effort. I want to give up so badly! Slow down, take it easy and cash it in. Continuing to push through these grueling minutes is ALWAYS a struggle! But I do my best to remind myself hard work today will pay dividends tomorrow. Sometimes my mind wins and I end up taking it easy, but sometimes I’m able to push through that negative self talk. Today is a good day!

Time! The workout finishes. Wipe down the Torpedo and clean up the rest of the equipment.

This next portion is THE reason I’m here. Final resting pose.

Breathe in through the nose. Hold for four seconds. “I am positive beyond measure! My energy has the ability to dictate the energy of the room around me.”

Breathe out through the nose. Hold for four seconds. “I am responsible for all aspects of my life! I take ownership for the experiences that create my life..”

Breathe in through the nose. Hold for four seconds. “I am 100% committed to achieving my goals, dreams and fulfilling my vision for the future!”

Breathe out. Class claps. Time to get after the day!

The reason I share this story is because I very firmly believe in the immense power of positive affirmation and the impact it can have on our lives.

The way I pursue my legend is by using this very short two minute period as an opportunity to talk to myself. To let myself know that I am perfect the way I am and that I have all the potential in the world so long as I believe it. This is the quietest part of my day and one of the only opportunities it’s just me and my thoughts. I’ve become accustomed to seizing this opportunity to reaffirm the person I want to be in this world.

Try this: the next time you hit final resting pose and you’re drenched in sweat, barely able to blink your eyes open, practice the above box breathing technique while speaking positive affirmations to yourself. Things like: I am confident, I am beautiful, I am perfect the way I am, etc.

Thanks so much for listening! Say hi the next time you see me around North Loop or in a morning A20.

It’s a great day to be great!


Paul Begich is an Ambassador at Alchemy 365 North Loop and truth be told, he’s as North Loop as it gets. He’s a regular in the early-morning A20s before hitting up The Freehouse for breakfast, then heads to Downtown Resource Group where he crushes the rest of his day. Whether you need some inspiration, a workout buddy, or someone to help you find the perfect home in Minneapolis – he’s your guy.

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