An Alchemy 365 Goodbye

written by: Coach Konnor Fleming
photo by: Alexa Kay Photography


To my Alchemy 365 Family, 

It is with a heavy heart, but an optimistic spirit, that I reach out to let you know of my next life’s adventure:

I am stepping away from Alchemy 365 at the end of this month, July 2019. 

The decision is motivated by a need to get back home – Vermont, where I grew up – to be with my family. I attribute it largely to a circumstance of “living life on life’s terms” and while leaving this community is the last thing I want to do…I know that in my heart, right now, home and with family is where I need to be. 

My last classes will be on Saturday, July 27, and we’ll have a send off (of sorts) during the 4:30PM and 5:30PM classes on Tuesday, July 24 at Alchemy 365 Northeast. It goes without saying, but I would love to have as many of you there as possible. 

Choosing to leave Alchemy 365 is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Period. 

That is because Alchemy 365 – you all – are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Period. 

I cannot stress enough how much this decision comes from a place of going to life’s next step, and not wanting to move away from anything that Alchemy 365 has provided for me. My time here (almost three years of my life) has resulted in the fondest of memories, the strongest of friendships, and the most life-changing of moments. I am, and forever will be, grateful for everything that Alchemy 365 has done for me, shaping me into the man I have become.

And it’s with that said that I owe the biggest thank you of all: to each and every one of you. I have joked in the past that without you all, the athletes, coming to take class that my job would be reduced to yelling at an empty room…and while the humor in that is not lost on me, there is truth to it still. Quite literally, none of this would be possible without each and every one of you. I am, and always will be, grateful for the role every one of you played in helping me become the coach, and the person, that I am today. 

Change is scary. I have been involved with Alchemy 365’s community for a long time, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what is going to happen when I leave. But every time I find myself catastrophizing about the future of the company, I am reminded that the core of what makes Alchemy 365 great isn’t going anywhere. 

The culture of Alchemy 365 – celebrating every single victory, pursuing one’s legend, feeling alive – is greater than any one person. The essence of Alchemy 365 is every burpee, every drop of sweat, and every high five you give your neighbor after a hard fought workout. And consequently, the best thing that you can do to help the company continue to thrive in my absence is to…well, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. 

Keep coming in and taking classes. Keep pushing yourself, and each other, to improve every single day. Keep helping us coaches become the best that we possibly can be. Keep making Alchemy 365 the single most life-changing fitness community in the country.     

I look forward to seeing as many of you as I possibly can in the time that I have left here in Minnesota, and for those I don’t have the chance to see between now and then I look forward to coming back to visit and catch up. It will be a comforting feeling, knowing I’ll have family not just in Vermont…but waiting for me back in Minnesota, too. 

ALCHEMY 365 Alchemy combines yoga, strength, and intense conditioning to change the body and renew the mind. A variety of fun and challenging class formats can be mixed and matched to meet any fitness goal.

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