Legends: “THE LUCY”

Lucy Nguyen joined Alchemy in 2020 and has never looked back! She’s a consistent presence at the morning classes at our Highland Park studio in St. Paul, and makes everyone feel welcome and supported – whether she notices a newbie, or is seeing someone for the 100th time.

Read our conversation with Lucy and check out her Legend workout below:

When did you first start coming to Alchemy, and why did you decide to join?

I took up running as a hobby during quarantine but when I developed pretty bad shin-splints and didn’t know what to do, my longtime friend (and legendary athlete himself, Michael Taylor) suggested I check out his gym. In 2020, I took my first class with him and was instantly hooked. I walked out the same day with an unlimited membership and an arm-full of swag! The incorporation of yoga really hooked me at first – I was never good at warming up and stretching on my own. But it’s the HIIT that has kept me around. The sense of accomplishment I feel after every workout when I leave the studio drenched in sweat is like nothing else! 

What keeps you coming back to Alchemy? Why have you chosen to train here? 

Committing to the gym in 2020-2021 was extremely difficult. We all felt it during the pandemic with lock downs, quarantine and temporary gym closures. I felt it even more personally in March of 2021 when my mom unexpectedly passed away. Any and all routines I had went out the window. Slowly but surely with the support of my friends and family, I was encouraged to get back to myself; being active was a huge part. Alchemy was the push I needed to get out of the house. Then, it was how I connected with my friends again to join me in class and help hold me accountable (thank you buddy passes). Before I knew it, I found myself being social with the Alchemy community: introducing myself to others, getting to know regulars and helping when someone seemed lost or had a question.

Since joining, I’ve completed over 600 workouts, referred 2 new members, completed 2 Great Races, crushed the 2023 Summer and December Hustles, and attended a benefit workout for Maui United Way! The community, camaraderie and accountability keeps me coming back morning after morning.

How has your time training with us helped you towards any goals you have, whether fitness related or otherwise?

I volunteer with Open Arms of Minnesota and last year I registered to be one of their charity runners for the Medtronic 10 mile! As someone who is an amateur runner, I was hesitant to sign-up, but with cross training at Alchemy I was confident that the 10 mile was going to be a good challenge for me! Unfortunately after 5 months of training and fundraising, the races were canceled due to an extreme weather advisory. 

Do you have any future goals or aspirations you’re working toward? 

This year I look forward to my redemption race as a returning charity partner runner for Open Arms! I am also looking forward to an upcoming Denver, CO hiking trip with my girlfriends at the end of April.

Inside the studio I  have a goal to incorporate more strength training into my fitness routine and plan on exploring more Barbell classes this year.





4 Cycles, 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest:

2xTorp Deadlifts


Squat Throws

Box Jumps

2xTorp Front Squats


You can find Lucy Pursuing her Legend at our Minnesota Studios in Highland Park and Northeast! Outside of the gym, she loves hosting themed parties, trying new restaurants, traveling, camping, volunteering, hanging out with her fur baby Chloe and binge watching detective series. Lucy works as an Employee Relations Investigator for a large Minnesota retailer. 





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