Building more than just a fitness community in RiNo

Devyn Davidson has been with Alchemy 365 since 2019. Starting as a part-time Coach, she helped launch our Tennyson studio, became an Assistant Manager, was an Alchemy Anywhere digital studio producer, and then became a General Manager, launching RiNo in 2022. 

This month marks one year of Alchemy 365 RiNo! We interviewed Coach Devyn to hear about her experience and how the Alchemy Community is helping her feel more alive than ever before: 

Q: Tell us about the experience opening RiNo. What was it like building upon our Denver community in a new neighborhood? 

A: When I was given the opportunity to begin launching our RiNo studio (in the throes of peak pandemic uncertainty) I was nervous, humbled, and ecstatic. For a good 2 year stretch, we didn’t know what was going to happen to Alchemy, let alone know if we could open a brand new studio. I dove into the opportunity. To be honest, it was tough, but we simply had to find a way to grow in spite of the headwinds against us. Due to the circumstances we were facing, we had to be creative in our approach. With a much different budget and limited resources, the challenge was, how can we be most efficient without losing the Alchemy Experience and Alchemy Difference? Opening studio number 8 in the middle of such a questionable time, makes it not only unique but extra special. Blood, sweat and tears poured into building the space. Yet it has been nothing but rewarding. I get chills just thinking about all the incredible people I’ve met through the launch of RiNo. It’s not easy starting out in a brand new neighborhood, but between pop-ups with local businesses and outdoor classes, this community came to life!

Q: What inspires you to wake up everyday and do this job and coach great classes? 

A: It’s the Alchemy experience, which goes well beyond the walls of our studios, that gets me up every day. Countless athletes have walked into RiNo for the first time thinking they could never do a pull-up or complete a workout, and have walked out realizing they are so much stronger (physically AND mentally) than they ever realized. I can see it in the mornings and afternoons, when an athlete is starting or finishing their day with Alchemy. One of my members came to class recently and as we were chatting got very honest and told me they were having an absolutely horrible day. I realized in the choice this athlete made, to come to Alchemy amidst a terrible day, showed just how important Alchemy is to people. It goes beyond fitness. It’s all about the athletes that show up not only on the easy days but on the hard days too. That’s why I love what I do.

Q: Why should someone join Alchemy?

A: Because it’s the best! Sure, I’m biased, but let me tell you why I joined Alchemy in February of 2019. Because after moving across the country, I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I had no idea where to workout or how to make friends in a new city. I found Alchemy and it was the first place to feel like home in Denver. I think we foster a tangible sense of belonging. And, good luck finding a better workout in Denver that actually makes you stronger ;). 

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job and leading a thriving fitness community now at RiNo?

A: Touching on what I said earlier, just being a part of someone’s fitness and life journey is such a privilege. Challenging my athletes each class and pushing them to get a little uncomfortable is so rewarding when they look back and see how far they’ve come. And to be a part of that, is really freaking special.


Coach Devyn is the General Manager of Alchemy 365 RiNo. When she’s not in one of our Denver studios, you can find her out on an adventure with her husband and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Berkley and Beau!




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