From Minneapolis to Denver: Building a Strong and Inclusive Fitness Community

By: Brock Severson 

For those of you not familiar with me, I’m the General Manager of Alchemy 365 South Broadway (SoBo).

My Alchemy journey started in March of 2015, the day Alchemy 365 opened its doors in Minneapolis, Minn. Today, after moving at the beginning of this year, I’ve started a new chapter in Denver, Colo. 

I started coaching what I was good at, AStrong (now Barbell). Eventually, with encouragement from the leaders of the company, I learned how to coach our core Cardio classes. In the beginning (on a good day) I was a solid C-. Now eight years and 5,044 classes (and counting) later, I would like to think my skill set has greatly improved.


Working in the fitness industry is not for the faint of heart.

There are early mornings, late nights and then a global pandemic to really throw you for a loop. Would I change any of it? Not one bit. The experience of meeting new people, supporting individuals on their journey of self exploration and seeing athletes hit goals they never knew they aspired to, inspires me each and every day!


What we do best is creating a space where authentic, like-minded people can come together and enjoy building a healthy lifestyle and workout routine.

Alchemy’s goal is not a perfect 6-pack, a specific number on a scale, or an image to impress your friends. Some would say I tend to be a bit of a jokester. I like to play around while pushing our athletes to get stronger. Why? Because working out should be FUN and approachable for everyone. Every day is a new adventure; challenging myself and our athletes to do the best we can.


We’ve developed into a society where commitments become easier to avoid. Isolation is safe and meeting new people becomes more difficult.

We’re all much more aware of what a healthy lifestyle looks like, but not sure how to get there, or struggle on our own. Trust me when I say,  joining a community like Alchemy will help close any of those gaps in your life. You’ll find a fun and effective fitness routine with an inclusive group of people who – in one way or another – are here to find the same things. 

We’re not meant to jump around from place to place without creating authentic relationships. We’re meant to find a tribe, a lifestyle and a life that makes us feel alive. This is what it means to join a gym like Alchemy.


As I wind up my fifth month since moving to Denver and two months as General Manager of SoBo, let me reflect on what it means to be at a new studio in a new city:

First, I cannot say it enough, the progression of watching a new athlete come into the gym and go from a dazed look on their face, to becoming an Alchemy pro, warms my heart. Seeing athletes push their limits, gain strength and, most importantly, confidence shows how magical a place like Alchemy can be.

Second, this community is truly extraordinary. Inclusivity reigns supreme. Walk into the doors of any studio, and you will be embraced – regardless of your background, fitness level, or aspirations – by a team of athletes who wholeheartedly support and uplift one another. 


As a leader at Alchemy, I’m honored to help others feel included and seen, especially during Pride Month.

Join us on Saturday, June 17, to “Sweat for Pride” and experience the magic of our community for yourself. By participating, you’ll sweat, get stronger, and make a difference. The $20 class fee goes directly to The Trevor Project, supporting LGBTQ youth with 24/7 crisis support services nationwide.


See below for class times and location in Denver and the Twin Cities. If you can’t make it, I hope to see you in the studio soon! 



  • LoHi Pride at 10:00am with Coaches Brock, Tyler, Tanner and Elise (Register here)


  • NOLO Pride at 9:10am with Coaches Tanner and Jill (Register here)
  • Edina Pride at 10:00am with Coaches Michael and Ben (Register here)


Brock is General Manager and Coach at Alchemy 365 SoBo. Outside the studio you can find him exploring his new home-city of Denver with his sweet dog, Jack!


Not a member but want to join us? Start your fitness journey now with the best community of athletes with a FREE 3-pack of classes.  Follow along with Alchemy on Instagram and TikTok.

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