The Same Workout, A Different Day.

By Coach Shannon

It was “The Fletcher” Benchmark. I had jitters before this workout. It rarely happens. But this one, this was a retest day. 

Alchemy will bring back classic Benchmark workouts about every 90 days. It’s an opportunity to find out how much better, stronger, faster you have become after months of hard work and consistency. This workout, on this particular day, was a tough pill for me to swallow. The retest showed me the opposite. I was worse, not better. On this day, I was weaker and slower than before. 

How can that be? I’ve made massive gains the past few months, PR-ing in Barbell, hitting taller box jumps, and more. 

Here’s the truth every athlete needs to remember: The workout can be the same, but no two days are created equal. 

Countless factors play into your performance on any given workout on any given day. For example:   


Time of day: Are you working out in the morning, or hitting up an afternoon class? Did you miss your alarm, or did a sick babysitter mean you had to hit up the gym later than normal? 

Physiologically: What day is it in your hormonal cycle? In the last couple months, have your seasonal allergies kicked in? Has a new work project disrupted your daily habits? 

Energy Input: What did or didn’t you eat today and how close was that input to when you workout?  

Sleep: Are you coming off a restful weekend or a late night study session? 

Stress levels: Where is your head at during the workout? Are you ready to crush 50 burpees, or are you just happy to have made it in at all and for the chance to move your body? 


I could keep going, going and going with this list, but I think you get the idea. 

Do not be overwhelmed with this list or let it get you down. One of my favorite things about Alchemy is that every workout is an opportunity to strengthen  more than just the body, but also our minds. So on days when work was horrible, or when the dog was barking all night, we’re ready to feel alive.

One day and one workout does not equal an entire month, summer, or year of consistent effort. If you are showing up, you ARE better, faster, stronger.

And remember, this community is always here for you, every step of the way. 

Press on, athletes. You’re crushing it!! 


Shannon is a coach at the Alchemy Edina studio. When she is not coaching or working her day job, you will likely find her trail running, golfing and trying to keep it in the fairway, or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe!

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