Staying On Track During The Holidays

Hey, Hustlers!

Lo & Ann here (also known as the Minny Hustlers)! We’re popping in to spread some holiday cheer and helpful tips to keep you fitness routine on track as you take on Alchemy’s Holiday Hustle Challenge!

If you don’t know us, we are two fitness fanatics that take our hustle very seriously. We appreciate all aspects of hustle: consistency, getting to class, and pushing our limits. But there’s much more to Hustle than just going to a workout, and it’s all about finding the right balance.

Over the years, we’ve mastered balancing both working out while still having fun. This is important to help avoid burnout and (especially this time of year) to enjoy the holidays! Yes, you can stay on track with your goals and participate in all this time of year has to offer! Let’s break this down and make your Hustle a LITTLE louder (and brighter):

Movement Is Medicine
That’s the 22 workouts before 2022! But remember, every workout doesn’t need to be insane. One day you might be feeling great — go grab that heavier weight! Or, maybe you need to move a little slower, and that is just fine! As long as you’re moving your body. In fact, ’tis the season to bundle up and get outside! Take a walk with the fam, or walk your apartment halls. We challenge you to get 10k steps everyday because trust us when we say it feels GOOD!

Holiday Chug.
Not spiked cider…well not quite yet. We prioritize consuming 1 gallon of water a day over the holidays. Why? It helps with digestion, joints & with how much happens around the holidays – it really is a small (and free) idea to stay healthy and recover between all your workouts this month.

Food Is Fuel.
Eating a lot during the holidays is normal! Hustler, you ENJOY that extra plate of a holiday meal! Just as machines need fuel to operate, so do we. Food provides fuel for the body and brain. Food is what you eat and drink to give your body energy to move and think. So what if you ate an extra (or 9) Christmas cookies…use that power and SLAY IT the next time you workout!! Think of it as exciting, not daunting!

Challenge A Friend.
This is something we do around the holidays to make sure we are moving! We challenge our friends to an apple watch competition, or a step competition, or just something to keep us accountable. Maybe the winner has to buy the other one dinner. Make it yours and make it fun! Keep filling out your Hustle trackers, and celebrate your progress. We always say, #bettertogether.


While these tips aren’t major – when done consistently they do make MAJOR impacts to your lifestyle. If you want some help, you can always follow along with our Instagram @minnyhustlers! We like to throw challenges at Hustlers here and there to help those stay on track WHILE enjoying the holidays.

Get those 22 classes before 2022 and head into the New Year feeling your best!

With holiday hustle & heart…xoxo,

Ann & Lo

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