An Open Letter to ClassPass Athletes

When ClassPass hit the scene, the appeal was obvious. People could shop gyms, try a lot of different workouts and make an educated decision regarding their exercise routine. But in the end, we believe your time with ClassPass should be a stepping stone to something more consistent. We want you to consider joining on at Alchemy as a member, and here’s why:

1. Consistency matters.
As fun as it can be to bounce around and try things out, it’s not a particularly effective way to maximize your results. The fact is, you get good at what you do, and having a consistent program is one of the best ways to optimize your training. By exercising with Alchemy consistently, you’ll be able to find a rhythm in our Cardio, Strength, Circuit, and Barbell formats. The programming is put together in a way that strategically develops your aerobic capacity and strength, while allowing you to burn fat and sweat out stress. Attending classes at Alchemy 3-5 times per week is the best way to change your body and restore your mind.  

2. Community matters.
We believe that our brand transcends fitness. We’re always working to build studio communities that inspire people to “pursue their legend” and live life to the fullest. When you’re in the room as a ClassPass guest, you miss out on the incredible sense of community that motivates our athletes and drives accountability. There’s just nothing like coming to class with a group of like-minded athletes that have your back and cheer you on through the toughest stretches of the workout. At Alchemy, we’re about creating a welcoming, authentic environment in which we bust our ass, but don’t take things too seriously. By becoming a member, you’ll dial up that community feel and I guarantee it’ll make a huge difference in your training, and in your life. 

3. Having a relationship with your coaches matters.
We’re all better off when a coach knows us, watches us, and helps us to be our best. If you only drop in from time to time, your coaches never get to really know you and are limited in the way they can help your training. But if you join up with Alchemy on a consistent basis, you’ll find that your coaches know you by name. They’ll know the injuries you’ve had, the movements you like or hate, the way you squat, the stresses you face at work. They’ll help you push yourself by challenging your weight selection, or driving you to complete a few extra reps before time runs out. If you really want to get the most out of your time at the gym, join up and become more than just a body in class, become a real athlete with real goals that our coaches can really help you achieve. 

4. Supporting local business matters.
Lastly, whether you choose a consistent membership at Alchemy or some other gym, you should know that after the last 18 months, local businesses need you. I know this doesn’t help you train harder or get more results but by shifting from ClassPass to a local gym on a consistent basis, you help bolster your neighborhood economy, and the people that live there. We understand and can see the appeal of a ClassPass membership. But for the sake of consistency, community, strong coaching relationships, and the desire to support local business, consider joining us as a member. 

See you in the studio soon,

Tyler Quinn – CEO
Alchemy 365 

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