Holiday Hustle 2016

Holiday Hustle

by Tyler Quinn

Ah yes, the first snow has fallen (and melted). Air temps have dropped. The sun seems to have hidden itself far out of sight. Winter has come. And with it, about one thousand new reasons to skip the gym, eat what you shouldn’t and let yourself go until, say, April 1st, when life reawakens in our fair state of Minnesota.

It’s an understandable position when you consider the number of holiday parties coming up, outfitted with a dozen plates of cookies each. Or Thanksgiving, the national day of gluttony, followed of course by the national day of leftover gluttony. And then there’s the New Year, which, for so many marks the perfect new kick off point after coasting through the month of December. Then again, we all know what happens to most New Year’s fitness resolutions, don’t we?

Indeed, the 31 days of December will be some of the hardest for those of you trying to put your health first. Behind every corner, a devil dressed as a Christmas-tree sugar cookie or an extra serving of delicious stuffing tempting you like Eden’s sacred apple. Be not tempted! We have your fix! We have your solution!

Because all of us coaches at Alchemy are human and have the same temptations during the holiday season, we decided to put our heads together to figure out what we could do to help each other and our amazing members get through this tricky phase of the year. So, without further ado, reintroducing for the second year in a row, the Alchemy365 Holiday Hustle. What better way to get you to keep your focus than by incentivizing your efforts.

Between the Dec. 1st and Dec. 31st we are challenging YOU to attend at least 15 classes at Alchemy. We know that keeping this momentum and not giving in to the many holiday temptations is not easy but we also know it will prove well worth it in the end. And here’s the squeeze: anybody who successfully completes the holiday hustle will receive a $20 retail credit on his or her account in January. In addition to this, special prizes will be doled out to those of you that make particularly concerted efforts to prioritize your health and wellness over the short term pleasures of a lazy winter.

Please, enjoy your holidays. Food is a bringer-together and should be enjoyed thoroughly. Don’t you dare think I’m commanding you to eat a bowl of cauliflower rice at your next family gathering while everybody else stuffs platefuls of deliciousness into their mouths. But, as with most things, I’m encouraging you to consider a balance that allows you to enjoy your December, without taking too many steps in the wrong direction.

We love you. We want you to succeed. We’re here to help. Let the hustle begin and happy, happy holidays.

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