Tis the Season! For the 365 Challenge


by Tyler Quinn

What do we know?

We know that on January 1st, millions of people around the world are going to set out into the New Year with the best of intentions. This fresh start represents an opportunity for ambitious individuals to set big goals, fire up the engines, set out on to the road of great progress AND… fail miserably.

This is the way of the New Year’s Resolution. Sad, but true.

What else do we know?

We know that people often fall short on their New Year’s resolutions due to a number of issues, but three in particular – lack of accountability, lack of information, and a lack of will when the going finally gets tough.

Look, I can’t help you if your resolution is to travel more, swear less, consume less caffeine etc., but if you’re focus this new year is fitness related, I’ve got just the thing to get you from A to B. Cue the Alchemy 365 Challenge.

The 365 Challenge is not just a diet plan. It’s a lifestyle challenge meant to help individuals regroup after the season of the sugar cookie, and extra servings of duck l’Orange. Six weeks of focused training, dietary guidance, lectures on food, meditation, sex, work/life balance and an accountability framework designed to help you get through the tough stretches sure to accompany any challenging New Year’s resolution.


Do you ever look up at the moon and wonder of somebody else is out there looking up at the same moon at the same time?                               

                                    – Joe Dirt

The 365 Challenge address accountability by providing access to a closed Facebook group where hundreds of your peers, in the same fight as you share recipes, tricks for getting over hurdles, ideas for exercising on the road and many, many other thoughts designed to show you that you’re not alone, that somebody else out there is staring at a similar looking piece of leftover Christmas cheesecake or maniacally searching for excuses to avoid going out into the snow and heading into the gym. Just knowing you’re on a team of like-minded, like-focused individuals is a powerful tool. Here is a quote from our last 365 Challenge:

Sharing so I remember this feeling: my alarm went off this am and I said… Hell no. I am waaaaay to tired to get up and work out. Then Molly’s words from last night started echoing- “getting yourself there is 90% of the battle” – so I threw back the covers, threw on some clothes (yes, my sweet new alchemy hoodie and told myself all I had to do was AStrong, then I could go home and go back to bed. Well…. Not only did I make it to AStrong, but thanks to Megan Hill and Sydnee Bickett I made it to a20 too! And damnit…. I feel GREAT!

                        – Morgan J.

Lack of Information

Signing up and zoning out is a sure-fire way to fail. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not going to have the kind of success you want or are capable which is why the 365 Challenge revolves around weekly lectures intended to educate you, the participant in ways that will help you actually achieve your goals. Between the lectures and the group, you’ll never be without the necessary information or without a plan of attack when situations arise.

Embarrassed to admit in my past, I never really worked out while traveling for work (too embarrassed that I’d see coworkers or clients, I didn’t know what to do for a workout, Etc) BUT happy to report I just did my own little made up A10 (plank, air squats, sit-ups and push ups) in the hotel gym. Any other “to-go” A10s anyone can recommend that are doable in a tiny hotel gym 

                        – Lindsey J.

Lack of Will (when the going gets tough) 

I’m sorry there’s not a whole lot I can do for you in this area short of getting inside of your brain and hammering out the spots susceptible to losing steam and losing focus. I will tell you this much: one of the most common bits of feedback we get from potential 365 candidates is the apprehension about giving up that one thing they love so much, the vodka tonics, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, happy hour with the besties. And this is your reminder, changing your life is EXACTLY what we’re trying to do. Giving up the bad stuff is a necessary part of this process. Being a little uncomfortable for a little while is a stepping-stone along the way to truly accomplishing something great. That being said, you’re going to slip up once or twice and we know it. Just make sure when it happens you have a sense of humor about it, regroup, and get back on the horse. That’s what we’re here to help with and that’s what the Alchemy 365 Challenge is all about.

Last night’s reintroduction of tequila has made for a humbling experience today, but my Apple Watch tells me I danced 5 miles’ worth of steps last night so there is some balance. 

                        – Molly B.

Get yourself signed up, take a leap, launch into action, have success, do it with us – you won’t regret it. Sign up HERE before Dec. 31st and receive and extra two weeks of Alchemy training on us if you don’t currently have an active plan or pass.  The kick off meeting is January 11th. We hope to see you there!