Alchemy Apparel: Behind the Scenes

by Cate Lehman

Photo from Star Tribune

Let’s celebrate Fashion Week MN with a behind the scenes look at Alchemy apparel….

To say fashion is my passion would be an understatement. My life revolves around fashion, style, and helping people feel their best by looking their best! The excitement of finding the perfect pair of shoes or the latest Lorna Jane leggings is enough to make me hyperventilate! I am thrilled to be able to help my fellow Alchemists look and feel amazing by hand-selecting every item that hangs beautifully on the studio racks.  As your Alchemy apparel expert, I strive to select pieces that make everyone feel confident in the way they look as they move.

The job of choosing apparel to clothe the Alchemy community is no small feat! Alchemists like to stand out and be ahead of the trends. All Alchemists don’t want the same thing. Moreover, all Alchemists want different things at different times based on their needs and lifestyle- a cozy Alchemy sweatshirt for brisk mornings or hot pink leggings for stylish box jumps.  The key to selecting apparel and retail options at Alchemy is to have a finger on the pulse of the local and fashion community, at all times. That way, we can constantly bring you on-trend clothing that helps to keep you feeling good about the way you look. Everyone knows a new outfit can make any work out a little more bearable!

To find inspiration for outfitting the people of Alchemy, I stalk the fashion world…constantly. This means I research what is happening on the runways, browse street style blogs, and observe what you are wearing to class every day.  That time I awkwardly felt the material of your tank top was actually research! All these factors help me make the best choices when selecting the products that will make you excited and proud to be an Alchemist. Everything must be bold, stylish, and create a sense of community through clothing alone. Let the Alchemy shirt do the talking!

Similarly to the thoughtfulness that goes into the work out programming, every single piece of clothing at Alchemy has been carefully evaluated for fit, color, logo placement, and styling before hitting the racks. Only the best for Alchemists! No matter how you chopose to #pursueyourlegend, rest assured that Alchemy is here to ensure you look and feel great doing it!

So, as you pass by the retail racks on your way into your next A10, just remember life is too short to work out in boring clothes.

In her spare time, Cate Lehman, doesn’t have spare time. 

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