PYL (Pursue Your Legend): a definition

Alchemy’s core purpose is to help people feel alive. Some can get to this outcome through a first pull-up, a new tall box jump personal record, or by knocking out a set of thrusters with weights they never thought they’d be able to lift. Others feel alive through 90 seconds of final resting pose, camaraderie in the studio, or a kind word of encouragement from their coach. But however you get there, we believe that feeling alive is the end result of living your best possible life – or at least a brief moment of it. And this is the central principle of PYL.  

Pursuing one’s Legend begins with honest introspection, which evolves into great effort to feel alive, and concludes when that feeling moves us to conquer goals, overcome fears, and grow.  

The work is ongoing and infinite. There’s no finish line in this journey. Living your best life isn’t something you do today and can forget about tomorrow. Pursuing Your Legend should be your ultimate goal with each new rising sun.

Don’t worry about what it is. Don’t worry about how unrealistic or how inconsequential your Legend may seem compared to others, or compared to other times in your life. Just worry about making the effort. 

At Alchemy, we believe fitness, health, wellness, confidence, silence, gratitude are all tools which can be used to help individuals Pursue Their Legend. Being an athlete at Alchemy isn’t meant to be the end result – but it is meant to be a launch point. If your workout today helps to motivate you for your tomorrow, then we’re doing our job. If your experience at Alchemy helps to catalyze your own sense of self and light a fire in your soul for personal progress, then we’re doing our job. 

Recognizing that personal Legends are different for each person that chooses to train with us, we are constantly seeking improved, more meaningful ways to help motivate, revitalize, restore, encourage, and support our athletes. We believe that if we do our job in the studio, our athletes will be a little more likely to believe in themselves, and a little more ready to take a first step toward their personal Legend.  

Now you have to make a choice.

Will you listen to your heart today? Will you take a step toward that Legend, or push it back for another time?

Our legends await. Book your next (or first!) class now.

Tyler Quinn is the CEO and co-founder of Alchemy 365. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hockey, jiu jitsu, and gun slinging.

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