MARCH 16, 2020

It’s been a most unbelievable ten days since the COVID-19 crisis came crashing down on us. This entire experience has been surreal, scary, and has left many of us with doubt and anxiety about the future.

As a company, we’re committed to doing all we can to ensure we remain a bright spot in your lives. Now, more than ever, we all need healthy outlets to blow off steam and alleviate stress.

As a community, we’re doing all we can to stay solvent and survive through what will be a very difficult few weeks or months. We’ve taken extreme measures to reduce all operating expenses.

We’ve taken these measures to survive the crisis without having to lay off any of our full time employees. We consider our staff to be a family and while we will be making across the board pay cuts to all employees starting this upcoming pay period, we’d rather sacrifice as a whole than see any one of our family members suffer this difficult time alone.

As of today, you’ll find a pledge page on our website. If you are able, and if you feel compelled to assist our business in this time, please consider such a donation. If you are utilizing our online classes at this time, and enjoying your Alchemy experience, we ask that you consider our “virtual drop-in” payment option.

These drop-ins will bolster our cash position, with each payment helping us to ensure our staff can count on their income for one more pay cycle.

The drop-in rate is not mandatory; we’re committed to helping all of our Alchemy community feel alive regardless of their financial situation and the way they need to handle this situation. Our classes will remain free and accessible to all who would like to participate.

Lastly, we’re re-launching our online retail store where you can shop our Alchemy 365 apparel, supporting us through your purchase and, of course, by donning our brand proudly.

Our community has demonstrated remarkable resolve and adaptability during these last ten days. While the future is unknown, we are hopeful and optimistic that Alchemy will not only reopen, but come through this time stronger than ever, if we do it #togetherapart.

MARCH 17, 2020

We’ve worked quickly over the past few days to put together content that will help us keep this community #togetherapart. Here’s a quick overview of how you can join us for your workout every single day and stay connected to your fellow athletes during this difficult time.

MARCH 15, 2020

Alchemy 365 Community,

We’re living in extraordinary times and we’re learning more about COVID-19 every day. With the situation evolving quickly, we must all do our part in slowing the spread.

As of tomorrow, we are voluntarily, temporarily closing all of our studios. We are doing our best to assess the situation across the country hour by hour and we continue to put the health and safety of our staff and athletes first. We expect to be closed from March 16-27, but we will stay apprised of developments and guidance from the state of Minnesota and Colorado and keep you updated.

Maintaining your exercise program and engagement with your community is now more important than ever. To help during this time we’re now offering daily, live streamed workouts on our instagram and YouTube channels. We also have a library of on-demand workouts you can access at anytime. We’re offering a Torpedo check-out for our Members during the closure so you can get your workouts in at home. We also sell Torpedos through our Amazon store. Please stop into any of our studios at the times below and you can check a Torpedo out free of charge.

Monday, March 16
6-7AM or 4:30-6PM

Tuesday, March 17
6-7AM or 4:30-6PM

Or, please email your studio below to arrange a different pickup time.
North Loop
Highland Park

We are a small business and this crisis will affect us, and we’d like to humbly ask that if you like your experience with us and the work we do, that you maintain your membership with us.

We will get through this as a community. We will keep you posted on any developments and we truly believe we will come out of this stronger than ever, together.

— The A-Team

ALCHEMY 365 Alchemy combines yoga, strength, and intense conditioning to change the body and renew the mind. A variety of fun and challenging class formats can be mixed and matched to meet any fitness goal.

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