Winter 2019 – 365 Challenge


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We’ve updated our 365 Challenge to help you do one thing: become a better athlete. Through trial and error, we’ve discovered a way of eating that best fuels Alchemy 365 workouts and will help you feel more alive inside and outside of studio. This is not a fad diet or a 30 day quick-fix fitness routine. It’s a set of simple guidelines to eat well and train smarter. When the two go hand in hand, magic happens.

When you sign up for the online challenge, you’ll get a challenge packet that includes your meal plan and a complete workout guide. We post daily workouts that can be completed in your own home. All you need is a Torpedo and a little bit of space. Bundle and save 20% when you buy your Torpedo + 365 Challenge together!


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Winter 2019 Alchemy 365 Challenge, Winter 2019 Vegan Alchemy 365 Challenge

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