We integrate yoga, HIIT and strength training into a handful of highly effective class types. With workouts that change daily, every visit to your studio represents a new challenge meant to help you build strength, burn fat, and restore your mind. All of our classes are open to all levels. If you’re a first-timer, here’s what you can expect when you join the Alchemy crew and pursue your legend!


Arrive 15 Minute Early

First class? Let’s do this. Get there 15 minutes early to meet your coach. We’ll check you in, give you a tour, and walk you through the workout movements of the day.

What you should bring to class.

Mats and shoes are not necessary. We have bottled water for sale and filtered water fountains to fill up your own bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout your workout. Towels are free and available at all studios with showers.

Get ready for heart-pumping, sweat-dripping fun.

You’ll begin class with a progressive warm up integrating fundamental yoga postures to get the body moving and the heart pumping. Class peaks when you give it your all during a 20-30 minute stretch of maximum cardio and strength training. Class winds down with a dose of incredibly soothing stretching so you can walk away ready to conquer your day.

High-fives all around.

This is group fitness! When the workout ends, there’s high-fives all around. After class, talk with your coach about our membership options. We recommend attending 4-5 classes a week and integrating all of our class formats into your training routine. Download our app to make booking classes easy.

Ready to Pursue Your Legend?

We are excited to welcome you to our studio. Try a free class now!