No matter your fitness level or gym experience, Alchemy 365 has a place for you. All of our classes are open to all fitness levels. Alchemy’s friendly coaches make an effort to get to know your wellness goals and work with you to achieve them — with lots of encouragement along the way! If you’re a first-timer, here’s what you can expect when you join the Alchemy crew and pursue your legend.



Before your workout.

Before you join us, pre-register for a class. On your first day, show up 10 minutes early so we can greet you and make you feel as comfortable as possible before we begin our workout — we will be expecting you and excited to get to know your personal fitness goals and aspirations! We would love to give you a tour and let you meet your instructor before class begins. Before we begin our workout, let us know any of your limitations or concerns, we are here to calm your nerves and prepare you for your fitness journey!

What you should bring.

Towels, mats, and shoes are not necessary. We have bottled water for sale and filtered water fountains to fill up your own bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout your workout.

During Your Workout

Our classes are meant to ease you into your workout. We begin our workouts with an overview of the class’s structure, along with movement demonstrations and modification options. Warm up your muscles with a dynamic yoga flow that is designed to get your body loose and ready for some movement. Our yoga warm-up will prepare you for some high-intensity intervals and strength training to get your heart rate going and make you feel a little more alive. We will finish up our class with a restorative cool down that will keep you energized throughout the rest of your day.

After Your Workout

After the workout is over, feel free to chat with your instructor on the way out and let them know how your first experience at Alchemy was. We recommend attending 3-4 classes during your first week. Our workouts change every day. Download our app to make pre-registration easy.

Ready to Pursue Your Legend?

We are excited to welcome you to our studio. Try a free class now!