What will I need for class?

Towels, mats, or shoes are NOT required for A10 or A20 class. Please bring athletic shoes for AStrong and a mat for AFlow or APulse. We have water for sale and filtered water fountains to fill up your own bottle. Towels are complimentary!

Where do I park?

Hit up your studio of choice for the parking 411.

North Loop



Highland Park

How do I cancel my membership?

Alchemy has no contracts – monthly unlimited memberships can be terminated at any time via email. Email info@alchemy365.com to make changes to your account.

Will I be locked out if I am running 2 minutes late?

Nope! We have a Front Desk staff who will let you in. Classes will start on-time so it’s very important to arrive with enough time to get settled, but we won’t lock you out if you’re late. If you’re going to be over ten minutes late, you’re better off taking the next class.

I am new, do I need to
take an introductory class?

Our classes are open to all levels of fitness. Our coaches are trained to customize every workout for the individual athlete to enhance your experience. We have introductory classes if deep-diving into our methodology and asking all the questions up front is your jam. Check your nearest studio’s schedule or email to lock in a time!

Do I have to pre-register
for class?

Nope! Just come in about 15 minutes before class. If you are new, we will help you create your account and show you around the studio. To speed up the registration process, you can sign up for your account and fill out a waiver here.

I can’t perform a pull-up.
I don’t know what a swing snatch is. Can I still come to class?

There is no athletic requirement to take class. Our coaches are well-trained to customize any workout for your individual needs. Don’t fear a workout based on a movement you are unfamiliar with or cannot perform, your coach will adjust it for you. We can guarantee a great workout for the most fit and the newest athletes in the room.

I don’t do yoga, will the yoga
be accessible to me in an A10/A20 class?

It sure will be! Your coach will give modifications and advancements to make it challenging yet accessible to everyone in the room. If all else fails, there’s final resting pose. Lay down and catch some zen.