Yes, pre-registration is required for all classes! This helps us ensure you’re getting the best experience possible in every class. You can register for class through our website or in our mobile app!  The Alchemy 365 App is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

We’re so excited you’re ready to come check us out! There is no need to take an introductory class – we’d recommend starting with a Cardio class. This class is our bread and butter: power yoga warm-up, 20 minutes of high intensity, yoga cool-down. Every class starts with an overview of the class and workout structure followed by demos of the movements and modifications. You’ll be all set! Get the low-down on all class offerings here.

We welcome athletes of all levels + experiences in our classes – fear not if some of these movements are new to you, or if you’re not a seasoned yogi. Each workout can be scaled to any level! Classes always start with an overview of the class structure + a demonstration of all movements/modification. The beginning part of our workouts is spent getting athletes warmed up + comfortable with the movements in that day’s workout! No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, you’ll have a space in class with us. The short of it: yes, and we can’t wait to see you.

Towels, mats, and shoes are not necessary for our Cardio, Strength or Circuit classes! We have bottled water for sale + filtered water fountains to fill up your own bottle – and complimentary towels.

Yes! We offer a free class to new visitors! It’s valid at all locations, for all classes. Click here to get started.

We have 8 operating studios (and counting!) throughout the Twin Cities and Denver. Here is where you can see all studio locations + info.

All our locations have lockers/cubbies and changing rooms. Select studios have showers with complimentary towels. Shoot us a live chat if you have questions on a specific studio!

It’s super easy to enroll in our Insurance Reimbursement program in Minnesota. Follow this link to check if your insurance company partners with us. Attend class 12 times a month and get $20 back from your Insurance company! To get your Fitness Center Barcode, send us a live chat or email us at info@alchemy365.com. This program is not currently available at our Colorado studios.

Yes! We’re happy to help you change membership tiers at any time. Just let us know 1 billing cycle in advance and we will adjust your account before your next bill processes. Fill out the form HERE to request a membership tier change.

You may suspend your membership for $5/week. Simply fill out the form HERE and your General Manager will reach out to confirm your request has been processed.

You may cancel your membership at anytime but notice must be given 1 full billing cycle in advance. To cancel your membership, you must fill out the cancellation request form linked here. Once submitted, your General Manager will reach out within 72 hours to confirm your request has been processed. Promotional memberships have special cancellation policies, to see our full terms and conditions click here.

We’re always looking to add awesome staff to the A-Team! Here is where you can learn about the full-time and part-time openings, and get started with the application process.

Check out all the details here.

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