Studio Update

Please click here to review our complete safety protocol before attending class.

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5 Cycles:
5 Minutes Each:

10 Down and Up Rocket Jumps to start each 5-minute cycle:

Cycles (1/5):
1-2-3-4-5-6 … so on and so forth:
Push-Ups/Hanging Knee Tucks (or TTB)/Tuck Jumps

Cycle 3: AMRAP:
12 Swings
9 Leg Extension
7 2xTorp Front Squats (HEAVY)
5 Pull-Ups

Cycles (2/4):
2-4-6-8-10 … so on and so forth:
Low Box Runs/Ground to Jump and Touch

* On Cycles (1/2/4/5): Each new minute, start over at the bottom of the ladder


1. Back Squat Sets of 5
2. Tall Box Jumps Sets of 7
3. 2 Rounds:
30 Sec: Hollow Hold
30 Sec: Hollow Flutter Kicks
15 Sec: Rest