Alchemy balances intense strength training, conditioning, and yoga to change your body and renew your mind.

Choose a class mix that meets your goals. Alchemy really is for every body.

Free Intro

Geared for the first-timer, with plenty of time for questions about how our classes work. 30 Minutes


This is Alchemy’s bread and butter.  The A10/A20 class combines three proven fitness disciplines-yoga, strength, and conditioning in the most unexpected and refreshing way. Walk in antsy, walk out feeling more alive. 50 minutes


AStrong programming rounds out our complete fitness offering. Coaches will get you moving safely and effectively as you lift weights and get stronger. 30 minutes


Who blends yoga and high-intensity intervals? We do. Break all the rules in this class.  50 Minutes


This is not your typical yoga class. AFlow brings you strength, balance, and isometric holds with a faster flow. Peak postures change daily so you can progress in all aspects of your fitness journey.  Designed for the athlete that needs a stretch day, but doesn’t want to Om. 40 minutes