Pull-Ups Should Always Be In Your Fitness Training

Walk into an Alchemy studio and you’re sure to notice the suspended pull-up bars floating above.

They are a big investment for any fitness studio, and can cause anxiety for many members. So, why are they there, and why do we use them?

“Think of pull-ups as the squat of the upper body”

Pull-ups are a fundamental gymnastics movement, providing an epic bang-for-your-buck in terms of results – and we help you get good at them. They’re incredibly effective at increasing strength in the arms, back, core and hips. Pull-ups require stabilization, body awareness, control, and power. They’re like the squat of the upper body – important and foundational to your overall fitness.

Everyone steps into Alchemy with different experiences with pull-ups.

We use a number of different scaling options to help athletes navigate their workout when pull-ups are involved. We use bands, rings, jumping pull-ups, and even bent over rows to simulate the movement pattern, target similar muscle groups, helping athletes strengthen up before they go for the real thing.

There’s nothing quite like getting to look out at the world from above the pull-up bar. Your first will be a memorable part of your Alchemy experience. If seeing pull-ups in the workout causes you stress or uncertainty, don’t be shy. Get to class early, and talk to your coach. They will give you guidance on the best way to  progress in this movement every time you step into class, so you can tackle each workout with confidence.



Pull-ups come with practice! Click here for information on upcoming Pull-Up Clinics at our studios and share your pull-up progress by tagging us on Instagram so we can celebrate your gainz! 

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