To Everyone Who Got Us Here: Happy Birthday

By: Tyler Quinn

This last year tested all aspects of our business, stressing our team and challenging our resolve. Today, we see small signs of recovery – growing classes of like-minded Athletes, sweating, working, and feeling alive… TOGETHER, once again.

As I think back on all the challenging moments of 2020, and as I reflect on Alchemy’s perseverance, one supporting element stands apart from all the others. In 2020, this community held us up and held us together in every conceivable way. You adjusted with us as adjustments were made; understanding when we first shuttered our studios, pledging hard earned dollars as we launched digital classes, buying up Torpedos at our warehouse sale, maintaining your memberships through closures, tolerating limited class sizes, masked workouts, shifts in schedules and ultimately reminding us every day why we do what we do, and inspiring us to hold on. For our sixth trip around the sun, we’re not just celebrating another birthday, we’re celebrating a re-birth of Alchemy 365, come through the fire of a uniquely challenging year.

Since our founding, we’ve strived to be an authentic brand, offering effective classes for real people who want to feel alive and live their best life. And we’re absolutely honored to have the chance to continue that mission today, tomorrow, and for years to come. If you’ve trained with us once or taken a thousand classes, if you own a sticker or an entire closet full of Alchemy blue, if you’re a current member, a suspended member, or even a member that has moved on for good – we celebrate you. Happy Birthday to every single one of you and here’s to many more.


Tyler Quinn is CEO, a founder, and coach at Alchemy 365. In his spare time he enjoys gardening, being outside with his golden retriever Fletcher, and jiu-jitsu. 


Celebrate and feel alive with us all weekend in-studio, or anytime on-demand.

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