Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equality at Alchemy 365

On May 29th Alchemy 365 shared our stance on fighting for justice for George Floyd with a commitment to create a safe and inclusive space for all. Since then, we have created a Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness Committee that meets monthly to drive forward change in our community. Our committee is comprised of company founders, board members, leadership team members, coaches, and both new and long-time community members.  

Special thank you to Leah Leyndecker, Sheila Meh, Victoria Turcios, Salman Elmi, Abdi Hassan, our DEI members who have committed extra time and energy to this committee, your leadership and feedback have been instrumental in this process.

Over the past few months, Alchemy 365 has taken steps to begin addressing our company’s Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equality (DEI) issues. Rather than moving quickly and without thought, we intentionally took the much needed time to listen, learn, and begin the internal work. 

We acknowledge systemic racism and how social and economic institutions have historically excluded communities of color and recognize our duty to speak up and address these inequities and to promote a diverse and inclusive community. We have a responsibility to our employees and athletes to build and implement a diversity strategy and are working processes into our business to hold us accountable. The Alchemy 365 DEI Pledge will help move our accountability agenda forward to ensure results. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to this pledge and the ideals the pledge stands for.

The Alchemy 365 DEI Pledge 

Alchemy welcomes all people and we strive to provide a space for all races, ethnicities, body types, backgrounds, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities within the Alchemy community.

 We pledge to:

  • Speak up against racism, homophobia, ageism, or sexism in our in-studio and online community. It is not welcome.
  • Empower underrepresented groups and use our platforms to do so.
  • Learn from and embrace one another’s differences.
  • Practice inclusive language and be open to learning.
  • Support speaking up and out against anything in our community that goes against inclusivity.
  • Foster a community that empowers all bodies to gain the physical, emotional, and mental strength to allow us all to form a better world outside of Alchemy 365.

Our company’s mission is to help people feel alive, and we are driven to include all people in this mission. We hope to spread our reach and make fitness more accessible for everyone in the community, especially for those who may need it most. 

Alchemy 365 Anywhere Sponsorship Program:

Alchemy 365 is committed to helping underserved and financially strained communities benefit mentally and physically from our classes. One way we can do that is through our sponsorship program. For every five new subscribers on our Alchemy Anywhere platform, we will donate a digital membership to an individual who wants to join our community but who needs assistance to do so. To ensure we are reaching underrepresented communities we are partnering with local companies and community leaders to help educate and share information about our scholarships.

Additionally, Alchemy 365 is committed to increasing diversity among its staff. There is no question that the world of fitness coaching and training is predominantly white. We believe the entire industry and its patrons will benefit from greater diversity, and we believe there are individuals who will find fruitful and purposeful careers if they can only get in the door. As such, Alchemy 365 will be opening scholarship spots in each of our A101 and Master’s seminars, which make up the training pipeline to become an Alchemy 365 instructor. In time, our hope is that we can not only diversify our own staff, but help to change the entire fitness landscape through this sponsored seminar program. 

Do you know any individuals, organizations, or companies that would be interested in applying for a scholarship or in sharing our scholarship program within their network?

If so, please email molly@alchemy365.com



Molly Hanten
Co-Founder and DEI Committee Head

ALCHEMY 365 Alchemy combines yoga, strength, and intense conditioning to change the body and renew the mind. A variety of fun and challenging class formats can be mixed and matched to meet any fitness goal.

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