Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Workout

Warm Up
Follow one of the warm up sequences in our library.

4 Rounds –
90 seconds: Thrusters
90 seconds: Butterfly Sit-Ups
90 seconds: 12 Mountain Climbers, 4 Burpees
30 seconds: Rest

Today’s workout features timed intervals wherein the goal is to complete as many reps as possible of each movement during that time. For the first 90 seconds of the workout, complete as many thrusters as possible. In the 90 seconds following, complete as many reps of butterfly sit-ups as possible. Then, for 90 seconds, complete as many rounds of 12 mountain climbers and 4 burpees as possible. The round then concludes with 30 seconds of rest, making a total of 5 minutes. Complete four total rounds to make up the 20 minutes of work.

Cool Down Sequence
Follow one of the cool down sequences in our library.
New to the Program? View our Workout Key.

The Movements

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