Friday, August 9, 2019

The Workout

Warm Up
Follow one of the warm up sequences in our library.

3 Rounds –
12 Single Arm Push Press (right)
12 Single Arm Push Press (left)
22 Torpedo Pull-Unders
50 Jump and Touch
50 Shoulder Taps
50 Bicycles

Think of this workout as two pieces. 12 reps of Single Arm Push Press on the right and left, followed by 22 Torpedo Pull-Unders makes up one full round – complete three total rounds. Then, complete 50 Jump and Touch, 50 Shoulder Taps and 50 Bicycles before starting the workout over again.

Cool Down Sequence
Follow one of the cool down sequences in our library.
New to the Program? View our Workout Key.

The Movements