Monday – 051319

15 2x Torpedo Deadlifts
15 Ground to Jump and Touch
12 2x Torpedo Front Squats
15 Ground to Jump and Touch
9 2x Torpedo Push Press (HEAVY)
15 Ground to Jump and Touch


20 2x Torpedo Deadlifts
15 2x Torpedo Front Squats
10 2x Torpedo Push Press (HEAVY)

After each set, complete four rounds of:
1 Burpee
4 Ground to Jump and Touch

The contrast between the double torpedo movements and the bodyweight movements is going to be very apparent – a more rhythmic approach to the heavier lifts and a faster attack of the bodyweight work will make this workout both challenging and sustainable.

Built Body
5 Rounds:
12 3-Point Bent Over Row (R)
12 3-Point Bent Over Row (L)
20 Unloaded Barbell Strict Press

5 Rounds:
1 Minute Plank
1 Minute: Slamball Russian Twist + Press

7 Rounds:
10 2x Torpedo Deadlift
10 Squat Throws (HEAVY)

Pigeon Pose – 90 seconds per side

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