Monday – 040819

7 Push-Ups
9 Slamball Front Squats
7 Burpees
9 Squat Throws
20 Slow Crossover Mountain Climbers

11 Push-Ups
15 Slamball Front Squats
11 Burpees
15 Squat Throws
20 Slow Crossover Mountain Climbers
20 Swimmers

Today’s workout is a lesson in controlling pace, particularly contrasting pace during a workout. Treat your push-ups, burpees and squat variations as, well, fast. The sets of 20, then, is designed intentionally to be considerably slower in nature – chase the burn, feel the burn!

Built Body
5 Rounds:
12 2x Torpedo Curls
12 Push-Ups
12 2x Torpedo Bent Over Row
12 Single Torpedo Overhead Tricep Extensions

3 Rounds:
30 Seconds: Crunches
30 Seconds: Oblique Crunches (R)
30 Seconds: Oblique crunches (L)
30 seconds: Leg Extensions

50 2x Torpedo Ground to Shoulder + Shoulder to Overhead
6:30 time cap

Spinal Decompression: 4 x 20 seconds

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