Saturday – 031619

8 Squat Jumps
(+2) Burpees

On minutes 3, 6, and 9:
30 Runners

Maxness Minute = Jumping Lunges

8 Squat Jumps
(+2) Burpees
(+2) Snatches (alt. arms)

On minutes 4, 8, 12, and 16:
2 Rounds:
20 Runners
10 Hanging Knee Tucks

Maxness Minute = Jumping Lunges

In today’s workout, the reps of burpees and snatches (A20 only) progressively increase – to infinity or to 10/20 minutes, whichever comes first. This means it’ll be important to be mindful of pacing from the very start of the workout, knowing that only larger sets await as the workout progresses.


Front Squat 6 x 2
Tall Box Jumps: 6 x 6


Overhead Lunges

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