Saturday – 020919

100 Slamball Gable Grip Front Squats

…then, in the remainder:
8 Slamball Hang to Overhead
16 Slamball Russian Twists
16 Slamball Seated Strict Press

8 Slamball Hang to Overhead
8 Pull-Ups
16 Slamball Russian Twists
16 Seated Slamball Strict Press
32 Jump and Touch
32 Narrow Mountain Climbers

On minutes 4, 8, 12 and 16 stop and complete 25 Gable Grip Front Squats

Today’s workout is just as mentally fatiguing as it is physically; even when it feels like there’s no end in sight, keep on pushing – you’ll be stronger for it.


Front Squat w/ 3 Second Hold at Bottom 5 x 5


3 2x Torpedo Hang Muscle Clean
3 2x Torpedo Front Squats
3 2x Torpedo Push Press

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