Introducing the Built Body Series

by: Tyler Quinn
photo by: Jenna Dailey

I know they say that slow and steady wins the race, but is a burst of energy from time to time really such a bad thing?

When it comes to ongoing, consistent progress with our fitness, showing up everyday and working hard really is the most effective way to go. We know that over time, consistency will pay dividends and all too often, short term training fads wear off and leave athletes no better (and sometimes worse) than they were before.

But, as is usually the case, there are two sides to this story.

Periodization is a commonly utilized and highly effective training method that calls for short, intense periods of focus on various aspects of one’s overall training objectives. An example could might be our Squat Series, which generally asks athletes to lay off the long duration conditioning so as to promote and develop powerful squatting and strong legs. We do this for four weeks. We dial in and focus. And in the end, we get what we set out for. We wouldn’t encourage that mindset forever, but for a period, it can make a lot of sense do an athlete a lot of good.

We can periodize all kinds of training. We can focus for a time on endurance training, on strength, on pushing or pulling, on gymnastics and on just about anything in between. And for the first time since we started Alchemy, we’re going to periodize for a little while around some true-blue beach season aesthetics designed to represent all the words I sort of despise but understand nonetheless – Alchemy 365’s Built Body Series will promote GAINZ (yes with a Z), Built Body will SHRED, CUT, BLAST etc. etc. etc. While the words are nothing but hot air, the results won’t be.

Built Body sessions will each contain four components – the first is some classic, isolated training designed to focus on arms, backs, legs, and glutes. Phase two of each session will be focused exclusively on the abs and core. Phase three will include some conditioning but it will be short – very short – and aggressive – very aggressive. Think maximum intensity for 5-minutes, plus or minus. And, in the name of sustainability, each session will end with phase four – a short, effective mobilization session designed to keep shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles moving as nature intended.

The point is this: at Alchemy 365, we’re in it for the long haul. We want you to show up, do your best, and keep coming back for a long, long time. But once in a while, we know how fun (and effective it is) to turn things up a few notches, dial in on one specific thing and get some of that very sweet immediate gratification.

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Want to test it out before diving in? We’re giving you the ultimate preview. Check out the Q&A + Preview Class schedule here.


Look up “legend” in the dictionary + you’ll see Tyler Quinn. He’s an Alchemy 365 Co-Founder, Chief Talent Officer + Coach with 15 years of experience under his belt. In his spare time he enjoys reading, gun-slinging, jiu-jitsu, and playing with his Golden Retriever, Fletcher.


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