Thursday – 013119

4 Rounds:
1 Minute: Snatches (alt. arms)
1 Minute: Front Squats
30 Seconds: Micro Runners

4 Cycles:
45 Seconds: Snatches (alt. arms)
15 seconds: Rest
45 Seconds: Front Squats
15 Seconds: Rest
30 Seconds: Micro Runners
45 Seconds: Straight Leg Deadlift
15 Seconds Rest
45 Seconds: Swings
15 Seconds: Rest
30 Seconds: Micro Runners

Both transitions and the cumulative effect of this workout are going to be sneaky; the Micro Runners are going to add up faster than you think and make everything else harder. Stay true to your mechanics, and aim to accumulate as much volume within each time window as possible.


Hang Muscle Snatch 5 x 5


2x Torpedo Swing Squats

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