Friday, August 10, 2018

The Workout

Warm Up
Follow one of the warm up sequences in our library

2 Push-Ups
2 (+2) Front Squats
…upon reaching 20 Front Squats, complete 30 Jump and Touch
…then… 4 Front Squats
1 (+1) Push-Ups
…upon reaching 10 Push-Ups, complete 30 Jump and Touch
…then… start the workout over


This workout features a gradually increasing rep scheme, climbing in reps until reaching a certain point. To start, complete two push-ups and two front squats. Then, complete two push-ups and four front squats. Continue in this way until you have completed two push-ups and 20 front squats. Then, start the ladder over at four front squats and one push-up, increasing the number of reps of push-ups by one each round until completing four front squats and ten push-ups. Then, start the workout over.

Cool Down Sequence
Follow one of the warm up sequences in our library

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